Are the folks in Conyers Farm feeling pinched?

We know that at least one of them is being foreclosed on, but yesterday, driving through, I noticed many sections of the white  horse fencing peeling, blistered and in general, looking dilapidated. I’m not a regular visitor up there (joke ) but I don’t remember this area looking so run down before. Interesting.

By the way, Peter Pervert Brant has removed “Santa with Butt Plug” from the grounds. Did Stephanie claim it in the divorce?


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5 responses to “Are the folks in Conyers Farm feeling pinched?

  1. Backcountry

    Lots of tree damage from the two storms that has not yet been repaired (this accounts for all of the “splintered” portions). Also one owner (Dooney) with a long stretch that needs to be painted (I assume you are talking about Conyers Farm Drive while visiting Stockman).

  2. Jane

    Any update on the Connie Jones situation? And is she also a real estate agent?

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t worry, he’ll get it fixed. Never underestimate the power of the purse.