Marisa Noel, hard at work

Thanks to reader PF, we have this exciting! Interview! With Marisa Noel, who seems to exclaim! Rather than speak!

Bigger is better…at least that’s my opinion when it comes to statement jewelry this season.  And lately, I’ve been obsessed with rings – in particular, giant glass orbs by TRE.  These big bad baubles ad [sic]  a bold pop to any outfit; and since they’re thick, handmade Venetian glass – they won’t tarnish or crack.  Which makes them perfect for tossing into your beach bag for instant seaside style.

The hard-working girl even has a web site. Paid for, I fear, with stolen money but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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5 responses to “Marisa Noel, hard at work

  1. Fly Girl

    Gosh, I got one of those rings in my last box of CrackerJacks. Very funny when she’s quoted as saying there is a third “silent partner.” The Feds?

    “TRE means 3 in many romance languages; we are 3 partners – Ulrica, myself and a third silent partner.”

  2. Third Silent Partner

    Don’t believe a word they say. These 2 vixens owe me a lot of money. They promised me the sky and swept the rug from under me. I lost my family savings. It kinda reminds me of a recent scandal.

    Off to the dumps

    Kind Regards,

    Third Silent Partner

  3. anon

    she’s hot

  4. horse jock

    Here is the link to the “Monica” ring. Wonder where the “Walter” ring is going to be worn? Maybe they should be making bracelets instead.

  5. It was his idea

    Will someone please hold my hair…..