What new construction sells for

26 Cedarwood

Not my favorite house, but not terrible. Originally listed for $7.950 million in 2006, sold for $4.5 milliosn yesterday.


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7 responses to “What new construction sells for

  1. smart money

    Very symmetrical… pre-fab?

  2. HG

    CF, I think you’ve discussed pre-fab before, but I’d be interested in your thoughts about whether there is a stigma attached and whether the mere fact that something is pre-fab reduces resale value.

    • HG, there is a stigma – unfair, I think. On the other hand, a well done pre-fab on Irving has sold two or maybe three times in the past six years for an ever-increasing price, so …
      I think that ignorant Realtors contribute most of the stigma – buyers don’t really care.

  3. Anonymous

    we offered 4.5M for this house last summer and they acted like we were crazy i guess we were spot on.

  4. RR

    the house looked like a pre fab from the inside. It’s a box with a flawed 2nd floor layout…good location..just ok house…fair price.

  5. Anonymous

    CF – strikes me as a good deal – 43% down from peak ask. think we can expect more of these or is Greenwich close to a bottom?