A couple of contracts

51 N. Stanwich


A sweet little house, but on 0.9 of an acre in the 4 acre zone, so it’s a bit restricted in what you can do with it (nothing, in fact). The current owners paid $1.5 for it in 2004, completely renovated it and tried pricing it at $2. 275 in 2008. Two years on, they dropped the price to $1.575 and now have a contract. Funny how that works.  

2 Deer Lane, priced at $2.995, has gone to contract in a matter of weeks. I really liked this place. Great shape,nice yard. The upstairs was kind of dodgy, but it looked like a few walls could be moved without too much effort or expense. Someone is getting a nice home here.  

2 Deer Lane

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  1. Stump

    Nice little place. I always thought it was a carriage house, not a stand-alone.