Connie Jones

I am in receipt of an email from Ms. Jones but it’s very poorly written (hey, she’s a tennis coach, not an English teacher)  and I’m not going to post it here. It does seem clear that she never shoved or even touched the cop, and those charges are going to be dropped. But it’s also obvious that she’s been chaperoning a little band of thugs. If that’s what comprises the Greenwich High School tennis team, I’d think the school should fire the kids and start over, with Connie Jones as coach.

Is it mean to mention that the bagel tosser was Bernie Madoff’s grandson?


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  1. Fly Girl

    I appreciate that you didn’t post Connie’s letter without her permission. Unless her case is over, she might be better asking her lawyer before airing her point of view here.

  2. Retired IB'er

    As I said in an earlier post, how come no mention of punishment or outrage over the stupid ass that threw something out the window of a moving bus.

    That kid, if true, should be expelled: Could have caused an accident that killed someone. Hang ’em high I say. Full stop.

    Jones was seemingly foolish to put herself in between the law and the perpetrator of this act. Had it been me, I would have taken the kid by the scruff of the neck, thrown them off the bus and let NY State’s finest deal with the situation. Let the parents bail out the “dear child” from NY jail.

  3. Jane

    I think you should verify that it is from the Connie Jones in question. Then you should ask her permission to print it in full. Then print it. If she wrote to you, I would think she would want us to hear her side of the story.

  4. Old Coot

    Justice would have that band of thugs out on the roads picking up trash for the next 52 weekends with Ms. Jones there to coach them.

  5. Teri Buhl

    So Connie Jones is out there on the record saying she never pushed the cop and the charges are going to be dropped. But if you read the Greenwich Time story you wouldn’t know that. In fact it’s driven a few resident to comment that they think her pushing the cop was bad behavior for a tennis couch. It’s sloppy journalism for them not to update their story and verify that Jones never pushed the cop.

  6. Jane

    Sorry, CF. I misread your post and assumed she had sent it to you. In this case, you chose wisely.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    First of all – it was a bagel! For God’s sake – how much damage can a bagel do? Also – these are teenage boys – basically doing what teenage boys do – being stupid and highly guilty of, well, littering. I happen to know many of the boys on this team and they are good kids.
    I also want to know why the alleged victim here wasn’t charged with reckless driving.

  8. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke thinks something smells in Denmark.

    What it is, he has no idea.

  9. Old Coot

    Greenwich Gal: If, as is alleged, they were also throwing oranges, is that just littering? Wanna guess what the result of an orange hitting your windshield @ perhaps 65 mph would be? Yeah, just a bunch of typical teenagers having some fun; be sure and wear your helmet and visor shield next time you take the kids out for a drive.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    I can only imagine you as a teenage boy, CF! I’m breaking out in a cold sweat as I write this….I do hope you were good to your Mother this past Mother’s Day.
    Anyway – does anyone know WHY Gus Lindine – the GHS guy in charge of athletics – hates Connie Jones?

    • GG, I was the boy that girls’ parents warned against, but I never quite understood why – hey, I read deep books, played chess and was a pacifist (kind of). It’s true that I was a bit wild, and maybe smashed a few pumpkins on Halloween (and even took Nancy Schongalla, in kilt, to join me! – worst thing she ever did in her life, I’m sure. I think she married a preacher or became one herself, in repentance). But I never considered myself a bad boy, just a bit rough on the edges. (Well, there were those riots in New Haven and D.C. but ..)
      As for what the GHS guy has against Connie Jones, I’m stumped – all she’s done is coach a ton of kids into champions, so maybe jealousy? I really don’t know.

  11. sandy

    Greenwich Gal – That brilliant comment pretty much sums up what is wrong with this town and the people in it. A bagel stuck to your windshield with cream cheese smeared all over it could have caused a deadly accident. And you are now going to shift the blame to the victim who reported it??? “these are teenage boys doing what teenage boys do” You’ve got to be kidding,right???

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Also, since you asked – it is indeed mean and unfair for you to mention the ALLEGED (innocent until proven guilty, counselor!) bagel tosser is the grandson of Bernard Madoff. Poor child, imagine being saddled with that name.
    You are a terrible gossip! – but, sigh, I guess that is why I keep coming back here, guilty pleasure that it is….

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Sandy, I seriously doubt a bagel lobbed out of window does so much “damage” to a windshield or a car that it warrents driving like a maniac on an interstate and attempting to pull over a school bus! That sounds like very odd and unsafe behavior indeed! Actually it sounds like the more foolish act, in my opinion. Had my car been hit by a bagel – A BAGEL – shall I remind you that this is a very humble baked item!- I would have kept on driving – or just pulled over and called 911 – and not tried to pull over a school bus. Yes, the boys were stupid – yes, they are guilty and deserve some punishment – but this is the most inane case I have ever heard in my life! Imagine this on Law and Order! Really – it would be hysterical! I can see the experts on the dangers of “bageling” right now. The bagel – the latest in teen hate crimes. Then we could get descriptions of the trajectory of the bagel so we could find which kid really did it. “Well, your honor, by the velocity of the schmear of the cream cheese we can accurately predict that the bagel was tossed from seat 8B.”
    So, Sandy, yes I think this is ridiculous and what kind of person hunts down a school bus and yes, you sound like a complete pill.

  14. Greenwich Gal

    Old Coot – Oranges have not entered to “official” picture. That is a rumour. Oranges are, needless to say, way more dangerous than bagels.

  15. Not if they’re sliced into thin sections. I want details!

  16. Retired IB'er

    Sorry, Chris and GG, but did it ever cross your minds that the sudden, unexpected impact of a bagel hitting a windshield at 60 MPH might cause an inexperienced/ not competent driver to jerk the steering wheel and cause an accident. Somehow I think if it happened to either of you, or any of your loved ones, you would be expressing outrage and looking for scalps.

    This was no prank and was monumentally stupid, not to mention a criminal offense, on the part of a kid. Whoever did it is extremely lucky no one was hurt. This was not remotely boys will boys and to defend this kind of action IS ridiculous and the perpetrator should suffer real consequences.

    How the other driver reacted in no way excuses or diminishes the act of this asinine kid.

  17. thank you

    Whatever happened or will happen, it is a great experience to google “bagel greenwich tennis” and get all the news on that drama.

  18. Red

    Please recall that Connie Jones herself did not throw a bagel, orange, frozen turkey, or bag of malted milk balls from the bus.

    But the bagel-attack “victim” was obviously left intact enough, physically and emotionally, to phone police and also to repeatedly cut dangerously into the path of a school bus filled with kids. She created far more of a danger than the original bagel-tosser.

    And can we all agree that if you are going to drive a car on any highway, you must always be prepared for something unexpected to hit your windshield — eg, a bird, large insect, piece of gravel thrown up from a truck’s wheel, windblown bags, chunk of snow from top of a van, etc. If she can’t control her vehicle, she should stick to the local backroads. You never, ever try to run a school bus off onto the shoulder of the road.

  19. A bagel being thrown out a bus window seems silly, but it is dangerous. Does anyone remember a few years back some students lobbing a thanksgiving turkey at a woman’s car as she was driving? That driver ended up in critical condition.

    Now granted, a bagel seems like peanuts compared to a thanksgiving turkey. But to discount it as a silly HS act is sending the wrong message. With the amount of driving fatalities caused by cell phones, texting, etc., I think it should be acknowledged that even a momentary lapse of concentration while driving can lead to a fatal accident. Having a bagel flung at your windshield could lead to a tragic situation, and if that had been the case, i don’t think we’d all be laughing.

    I do think it’s sad to label and identify an underage offender, but I think this points clearly to the fact that these are obnoxious, entitled boys, that think they are being funny by acting with no class. I hope they learn a hard lesson. They should be held accountable for a stupid and thoughtless act.

    I don’t think this coach deserves ANY accolades for “protecting” them. I think this coach should have been HORRIFIED that the kids under her supervision would have done something so reckless and stupid. The kid that did do this, should be suspended from the tennis team, no matter how talented he is.

    Kids being raised in Greenwich need to be held responsible. Unfortunately, I have known quite a few that have grown up into entitled adults that have done nothing of importance. They ride soley on the fact that someone far back along the family line did something worthwhile, while they sit around getting fat and lazy.

    I am only happy this driver was not hurt. As stupid as the driver was to try to pull over the bus, let’s remember how the incident started.

    • A bagel is not a frozen turkey. But as pointed out by a reader, the coach was not the one who tossed it. But maybe Bernie Madoff’s grandchild did. That’s interesting.

  20. Red: “You never, ever try to run a school bus off onto the shoulder of the road.”


  21. Fly Girl

    Folks, folks, folks. This thread has gone from CF electing not to post an email from Connie Jones to the physics behind turkey tossing. We could argue all day about spoiled kids or whether the driver of the car was right or wrong, but bottom line, this is about Connie Jones keeping or losing her job – and if she is treated fairly by her employer, GHS.

  22. Greenwich Gal

    It all is consequential, Fly Girl. Really – this entire discussion is about ethics and good behavior. What is the right thing to do? From running down a school bus, to correcting errant teens and upset coaches or publishing forwarded emails and the identities of alleged bagel perpetrators. It is a sticky wicket.

  23. Hu Nhu?

    Wasn’t anybody Tasered?

  24. yes, luckily a bagel isn’t a frozen turkey, but if something tragic had happened, it might just as well have been. hopefully all parties learn from this experience, and the coach can continue on with her job. just saying, it might not be so funny and seem so petty if there had been a different outcome.

  25. mrs p

    Dan Madoff didn’t actually toss the bagel out of the window.

  26. svfme

    other kids have come forward to admit that they actually threw the bagel, rather than Dan Madoff. in effect, he took one for the team while the actual kids who did it sat on the bus allowing him to be intimidated and ridiculed by a state trooper–someone who is supposed to protect our kids. has anyone mentioned how the driver of the car was driving erratically, cutting the bus off, endangering the boys, and that connie was relieved when the cops pulled the bus over. the police and subsequently the GHS administration and Board of Ed have botched this up. instead of letting this be a lesson for the boys about honor and taking responsiblity for one’s actions, its is a vendetta against a coach who someone there does not like. this is all much ado about nothing. Connie should keep her job.

  27. Tobe Wiser

    from an eye witness:

    They were 2 plastic pockets/bags of cream cheese that hit the driver: one big hit the windshield which obstructed portions of driver’s right view, the other hit the front right hood of the car. Jones fought with the trooper–she shoved him with her body and resisted his every effort to abate her momentum to the point where the both of them were heading into the flow of traffic on the I95. The kids throw orange peels, paper bags, plastic cups, and other garbage “AT PASSING vehicles”. Jones could have separated or have the trouble- maker sit up front to corrected the problem. She did not and apparently permitted the trouble-maker to continue for some time. She and the kid was lucky the freak’g prank didn’t killed anyone. Luckily the motorist did not loose control of the vehicle and plowed into the bus or someone else’s car. These are the facts.

    Eye Witness