Couldn’t say it better myself

Judge enjoins NY State from furloughing workers.

Mish Shedlock responds:

I commend the idiocy of the unions. That idiocy is sure to rile the majority of taxpayers who have had enough of union parasites.

The only way to solve the problem now is to privatize every union job in the state at every contract renewal. Give them their raises today, fire every *ing one of them at contract renewal.

The only thing unions thugs, union mobs, and union termites understand is extermination. So exterminate them. The faster the nation gets rid of union pestilence, the faster the recovery.

I cheer the union termite protest and their short-term victory. Now bring out the Raid.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock


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2 responses to “Couldn’t say it better myself

  1. out looking in

    The judge is appropriately named- “Kahn”, as in part of the con….I agree- time to pull a page out of the Gipper’s playbook…if we could replace air traffic controllers, we can certainly find people willing to collect trash for “only” $25/hr (even on only 4 days a week)…I often chuckle when folks poke fun at the Greeks and other European nations- 21% of ALL US jobs are direct government work

  2. greenmtnpunter

    Time to bring back “right-to-work” legislation and let all public sector wages and benefits be determined by supply and demand, just like in “the dreaded private sector”, as Boston talk show host Howie Carr so accurately describes it.