Does this make any sense?

Greenwich is to receive $1 million from the feds in the form of a “Community Block Grant”. Look: that’s fine; it’s merely the recovery of stolen property, but what the hell is going on where we send millions to Washington and then get a trickle back? There must be other towns with greater needs than ours. If this taxation scheme has any validity, we should get nothing back.


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9 responses to “Does this make any sense?

  1. Cos Cobber

    the other towns, particularly the big-big cities get a ton of this slush. this is our little kernel.

    • I know, CC, but it just strikes me as totally nuts – we’re all taxed by the billions, the money goes down to DC to feed a bureaucracy of thousands, who pay themselves and then spit out puny refunds. We can do better.

  2. Anonymous

    I see what you’re saying here, CF, something like: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

  3. Anonymous

    “We can do better.”

    How? When?

    Maybe in another life, brother.

  4. Anonymous

    Bridges and trains to nowhere, green jobs pork, tourism development funds, free transgender surgeries/AIDS funds, etc are far more politically popular than welfare/pork for the world’s second biggest HF epicenter and NYC’s wealthiest suburb, no matter Gwich’s slums along 95

  5. Just the Facts!

    When Dodd first came to office, the great State of Connecticut received $.88 of every tax dollar from federal programs, military contracts, aid, etc. Last year, CT received a whopping $.62 of every tax dollar sent to D.C. If this is not an indictment on Dodd’s legacy…what is????

    Our national politicians need to do a better job at either reducing the taxes going to D.C. or better yet bring home the bacon. CT is too small a state to be subsidizing the rest of the Union.

  6. ff

    Just so you know, in the 6 years that I have seen or reviewed the CDBG allocation, it has always been about $1 million, and most of it heads to the HousinG Authority. Each and every community in the country receives this money, as it is considered that the locals know better how to spend cash on the needy than DC would. Kind of a tea-partyish concept, no?

    • Disbursed based on the recommendations of First Selectman Peter Tesei, the money will go to a wide spectrum of organizations that include the Greenwich Family YMCA, the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich, Kids in Crisis, Neighbor to Neighbor and the YWCA of Greenwich.

      Pfft! : )

  7. Hu Nhu?

    I understand it’s all going to the YWCA to support “Fighting Racism,” with particular emphasis on eliminating the scourge of racism presently infecting our Olympic-size swimming pools.