Open house Thursday

If Tuesday’s tour (houses west of North Street) was a disappointment, filled with grossly unappealing, overpriced homes, today’s gave me encouragement, because there were lots of good values. Is that a phenomenon that eastern Greenwich gets it while the west doesn’t? Probably not – I think it’s no coincidence that the houses I saw and liked today were all listed by experienced, professional agents whose advice must have been heeded. And why not? All agents are not alike, and if you won’t listen to yours or don’t trust what you’re hearing, go find someone else.

Anyway, here are some of the best from today’s tour.

3 Byfield

There’s nothing spectacular about this builder’s special, but it’s convenient to town, has a very nice yard and is huge – 7,000 sq. ft., if you include the walk-out basement. But it’s in very nice shape, tons of room, has a pool, and a sauna in that basement (plus a bar/entertainment area) and all in all, I liked it very much. It’s assessed for $1.999 and priced at $2.050. I’d be happy to show this to my $2 million customers and not be the least bit embarrassed Maria Rugerberger (oh hell, you try spelling Maria’s last name) listing. Maria knows how to price a house.

55 LondonderryUp the road and a bit higher in the price scale is this house, listed by Pat Berry, at 55 Londonderry and asking $2.750. When I pulled in I thought, "oh please, don't be asking $3.5". They're not, and I think their price is excellent. Pool, great space, and quiet. I'm not wild about the kitchen: it's a bit cramped for modern tastes, but I think that's just something you have to live with to get a house this nice for this price.

It was a good day for waterfront homes too. This one at 35 Cove Road in my favorite of all neighborhoods, Lucas Point, was purchased for $8.2 million a few years ago, had $800,000 put into it and is asking $7.5 million. Absolutely top quality, beautiful views, and a pool. You’d be a chump not to buy it, if you have kids and the money. I love this house.

Around the corner, and almost as nice, is 15 Northway, asking $6.9 million. Frankly, I think I’d pay the extra $600,000 for Cove (especially if you can negotiate the difference between the two) but this is a wonderfully built house, with great waterviews and it also, of course, is in Lucas Point. That’s worth a big premium, in my book.


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10 responses to “Open house Thursday

  1. David

    3 Byfield is a nice house with updated bathrooms and priced right, unlike the small house on 37 Byfield. It is also about a mile closer to town than the small house on 39 Hunting Ridge.

  2. out looking in

    need to be careful on Byfield…looked at a few houses- that side of the street is quite “swampy”…isn’t this the house on the corner with Taconic?

  3. Maximus

    I fear the European contagion will come to the UK and then, the U.S…buyers beware.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with your assessment of Thursday open houses. 3 Byfield is priced right and will probably sell quickly at this price- however, it originally came on the market in 7/08 for for 2,995,000 and had several price reductions until it was withdrawn in 7/09 at 2,290,000. so the agent and sellers got smart. David, this is located about a half a mile from Hunting Ridge (A whole 30sec. of driving time) Your point being? Cove is fantastic! A “to die for house” I wish I could afford it!!

  5. David

    Anonymous – I didn’t say “Hunting RIdge”, I said “39 Hunting Ridge”. You can go measure it yourself and you will find out that it is much closer to 1 mile than half a mile.

    Second: I still remember my arithmetic in the first grade of elementary school: if you do half a mile in 30 sec like you claim then you are assuming speed of 60 miles an hour on that very curvy part of Taconic. This is impossible. Let me correct your arithmetic: Assuming 30 miles an hour speed, a half mile should take 1 minute. Now to get to 39 Hunting Ridge Road from 3 Byfield Lane, you have about 1 mile which translates into about 2 minutes of driving each way. That is 4 minutes of extra drive each day on top of your commute down to the train. You keep adding 1 mile here and 1 mile there and you end up spending too much time driving. I don’t think that is what wall street guys want to do.

    I hope you got my point this time.

  6. Cliff

    Chris – you said “Is that a phenomenon that eastern Greenwich gets it while the west doesn’t? Probably not”.

    I think both east and west Greenwich get it. West Greenwich demands (and deserves) a premium (over east Greenwich) for having a shorter commute to Manhattan. And obviously for the same reason, south-west Greenwich demands (and deserves) a premium over north-west Greenwich.

  7. Bob

    David: well done … I like people who know their numbers.

  8. Ken

    Anonymous is a superwoman … she can do 100 mph on Taconic. No GPD under the overpass or roaming deer can slow her down.

  9. Anonymous

    David- your a real tool and have way too much time on your hands!!!