Second prize is two days with the bloviator

Bill Clinton raffles off a day with the great Him to pay off Hillary’s unpaid campaign debts. Interesting – they’ve made $110 million recently, yet have left small businesses wait for the $771,000 owed to them. Only the little people pay their bills, I suppose.

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  1. Dem from OG

    Chris, my last post for a while. (Shouldn’t I be working? Your blog alone may be responsible for like 2-3% of any drop-off in U.S. worker productivity.)

    The Clinton campaign isn’t leaving a “small business” on the hook here — the $771k is owed entirely to Penn, Schoen & Berland, a huge corporate research firm owned by the greasy, disgusting Mark Penn, her pollster. I do think it’s a bit unseemly for the Secretary of State to be passing around an empty coffee cup asking folks for change to pay back a millionaire pollster, though. Doesn’t Bill make like $500k a speech? Chip in, man!