White House: Obama never pledged no new taxes

He merely expressed a preference that taxes not be increased, is the new party line. He also preferred that Gitmo be closed, some day, maybe, I suppose.

Here he is expressing that “preference”


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2 responses to “White House: Obama never pledged no new taxes

  1. Hmmm…. haven’t I already heard this – or something like it – before?

  2. HG

    We are so tangled up in our underwear over Gitmo that we should just close it, let the occupants out but we should have a small group of US government employees ready to kill the bad guys within 24 hours of the time they get out. My understanding from the book “Killing Pablo” is that in order to break the Escobar Drug Cartel the US government (Delta Force) began killing active criminal participants around Medellin and Bogota. There were also implied threats to these peoples’ families. Unless we are getting valuable intelligence from bin Laden family members, for instance, I do not see why the US government should not wipe the name from the world forever. At least some of these Islamist a-holes will respond to incentives.