Bottom story of the century

Town Emergency Department spending fifteen bucks a month for Accuweather enhanced reporting. Greenwich Time got my pal Fudrucker to declare that he’s against it, but he’s protecting his fellow Demmerkrats and would probably denounce Peter Tesei’s brushing his teeth as a waste of water. Frankie is in favor of trillions of dollars wasted on welfare and socialized medicine, but gets fiscal discipline religion when the Republicans spend pennies.

Hmm. I may not bring him an Arcadia coffee this morning. That $2.50 would go a long way toward paying the town’s Accuweather bill.


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3 responses to “Bottom story of the century

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    If the only reason we pay AccuWeather is for the hurricane report, it is available here for free.

    Click to access jun2009.pdf

    The same one that the news people use every year, and it looks like AccuWeather as well.

    Tell Fudrucker to buy his own coffee …

  2. Island Surveyor

    There is a very serious story here involving a FEMA disaster declaration by the President, loss of life in Greenwich as well as wide-spread property damage.

    Our Emergency Services expert and manager says we dodged a bullet, and should get ready for the “big one.”

    In reality, the March storms barely qualify as “events” in the record book.

    I can usually keep up with what’s a joke and what’s not in this blog, but I am now lost.

    Enlighten us. Was FF not denounced by the first selectman in March for saying we tried to do emergency services on the “cheap?” If so, he was right and that is a “campaign issue.”

    Although I am on record as being an active and vocal critic of Accu-weather, there is no question that we need the advance warning tools their premium, and better yet, professional service, offers.

    Many have pointed out the lack of transparency in planning and the public communication necessary to make emergency services useful.