Instapundit’s diving in the Caymans, Tom Ward’s in England

So how am I supposed to entertain myself or sell real estate? Who knows when Tom will make it back through the ash? Glenn, on the other hand will be back next week, and and has a roster of top bloggers filling in for him. You want depressing news, check out the stories these people are following.


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5 responses to “Instapundit’s diving in the Caymans, Tom Ward’s in England

  1. Fly Girl

    Totally off topic: I need a new pepper mill. Can I call upon your wise readers for their thoughts?

  2. Fly Girl

    Bought my pepper mill today @ Amazon. The Unicorn Magnum Plus. No need to go look at Cooks Illustrated for me. Thanks.

    • Ha! I have the same company’s “Magnum” pepper mill. It does a fine job of grinding, and I like it, but the thing opens clockwise (or counter-clockwise, whatever), the same direction you turn to grind. So when you grind, at first, the filler port opens and peppercorns spill out. But there’s a trick to using it which your brain will figure out. After a month or so (my brain is much slower than others’), just as I was ready to duct tape the damn thing closed, I noticed that the port was no longer opening. The mill hadn’t changed, but I apparently had figured out how to grind without spilling the beans, so to speak.
      So now I love it – but there shouldn’t be a learning curve for something so seemingly simple as a pepper mill.

  3. Fly Girl

    Going back to an earlier thread of buying quality from the get-go, the peppermill I replaced was also made by Unicorn, the Peppergun, that I bought, get this, in 1987. I’d say I got my money’s worth.