Now they’re sorry

Byram  regrets the failure of the Whaba boys’s condo project. Total bullshit. The community held up this project for years, screaming about size, scope, the lack of free ice cream for kids,whatever, until they succeeded in getting it scaled down to a completely unprofitable size. Now the head of that opposition (or to be fair, his successor) laments the “market timing” that doomed the project. Nonsense. I wrote columns on this, back when I had a column at Greeniwch Post, asking what, exactly Byram wanted.

They got what they wanted – a derelict, abandoned project that they now complain is a blight on the neighborhood. No sympathy here.


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4 responses to “Now they’re sorry

  1. anonymous

    do you know what is happening with this project? Have you looked into this?

  2. Cos Cobber

    this project failed because its overshot the proper price point for byram by a factor of 200%.

  3. Stanwich

    Seriously, these amateurs didn’t know what they were doing at all. $2m for post-industrial Port Chester and a slowly moving sewage canal. This was a recipe for disaster.

    Even still, the residents should have welcomed these guys with open arms instead of wresting concessions out of them. How foolish. Who else would have dumped money into the nastiest part of Greenwich?