Jan Ivarsson, Guest cartoonist

Jan Ivarsson


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9 responses to “Jan Ivarsson, Guest cartoonist

  1. Honey, I Shrank My Reputation

    Eating crow.
    Shi..ing bricks.
    White lies and misdemeanors.
    Didn’t Blumenthal emphasize to CT Police to take a “broken window” policy on crime…you enforce the petty things so they don’t get into big crimes.

  2. Shot his own foot

    with no combat experience, dick decided to ambush himself. he succeeds at everything he sets his mind to.

    i think he already picked out a nice georgetown mansion peter malkin recommended to him. he will win and skirt the issue. we live in a “who cares world” anyway.

  3. TonyRiverside

    Slate.com has a great headline on the Blumenthal story – “MISSed SAIGON”

  4. FlyAngler

    Chris, first time on the iPad that the zoom feature came in handy. I was able to zoom and rotate to read the caption clearly. Great device for train browsing!

  5. Misspokegate

    First..I misspoke
    then..I misbehaved
    then..I missedtheboat
    then..I missmymommy

  6. Washington Post says he will survive

    Blumenthal was a classmate of the WP founders son. Of course they are going to say he will survive.

    Blumenthal, you are no Donna Summer. You will NOT survive.

    This scandal will plague you and us.

    All the double talk will not save you. Every rally will have HECKLERS. Drop out. Apologize. Then let Obama make you Solicitor General a month from now. Please don’t let us get devil tongued speeches from you for the next 6 years.

    No one else except the Washington Post and your PR hack Mindy Myers are saying you will survive this. I think Mr Blumenthal should have stayed in journalism.


  7. What a "tool"

    I think this candidate just tries too hard. Most voters don’t think much more than how to pull a Democrats lever on election day. How many government employees even read the NYT or read the blogs. They count every day until they pick up a pension check on your nickel. Do you really think they care if their man lied? No way. Blumenthal will still win by 25%.

  8. FlyAngler

    Sounds remotely like John Kerry:

    Blummie was in Vietnam before he wasn’t …..