Good God

There’s a budding teacher on CarTalk right now from Waterloo, Iowa, who has, so far, announced that the original battle of Waterloo was fought somewhere out west (I do believe the poor dear is thinking that Custer lost his life to Napoleon) and that the Spanish-American War was fought because the US wanted to annex Texas. This woman is about to be unleashed on the students of America and, under union rules, she’ll be guaranteed lifetime employment and a guaranteed pension in just three years.

Fear for our country.


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11 responses to “Good God

  1. out looking in

    common chris, we all knoe the spaniss americen war was fougt by cubans and puera ricos aganst sam bowie and tedy rosevelt

  2. Fly Girl

    I’ve always been such a positive person, a flag-waving soul, but in the past year I ‘fear for our country’ on so many levels. Teachers, taxes, Congress, war, my children’s future. Obama has let out all the air in the joy and pride I had in being a citizen of this wonderful nation.

  3. leatrice fountain

    Chris, having endured the normal number of school years and multiple teachers, are you really that surprised? I can remember and count on one hand the teachers who stirred me to learn and to ask questions. They are rare. How to develope more of that talent is the question.

  4. Hi, Chris–Saw your buddy Walt Noel at a cocktail party yesterday. Some of the guests were aghast that he had the temerity to be there. I think I overheard him to say something like “how funny it was that we got away with it…people should see the humor in the situation.” I’m not 100% positive that’s what he actually said, but it sure sounded like it.

    I think he’s unemployed at the moment. Perhaps he would make a good teacher in economics, history, and chutzpah. Hey, he could hardly be worse than the chumps you mention. Whaddya think?

  5. Red

    Well gee, she should head down to Texas and apply for a teaching job there. They just make up their own history anyway!

  6. Walt

    Dick Clark-
    Aren’t you the “your scribe” dude? Well if you are, cut that shit out. It is painful to read. Seriously.
    Anyway, you must have had one too many cocktails. What I said was ” How funny it is that they serve this shit and get away with it.. I would rather have a Good Humor Bar in this situation.” I was talking about the hors..the whor…the food they were serving.
    Anyway, how old are you, like 100? Do you still do Rocking in New Years Eve? And what was Elvis like? Did you ever get high with John Lennon? Your reader wants to know.
    Your Pal,

  7. Red: Nah, based on her qualifications I’m sure she’d sail right on through through the stringent vetting processes of the B’Oz administration. She should be appointed Under-Secretary of Education. Strike that. Kagan seems to be facing some stiff resistance, why not put substitute her in for SCOTUS?

  8. InfoDiva

    Oh, yes, Fly Girl, I was just full of joy and pride in this country while George Bush was president. There was no war, the economy was roaring on a firm foundation, and Wall Street was acting honorably.


    The fact is that many things you mention started going downhill long before January 2009. It’s just that it’s all finally hit the fan.

    • I can’t speak for Fly Girl, Info, but I don’t sense that she’s complaining that the US just started going downhill two years ago. I have to go show houses so I can’t look it up right now, but Merle Haggard wrote a great song at least twenty years ago lamenting the days when a Chevy would last ten years and a girl could still cook and still would! (Merle was having fun – don’t get upset).
      The decline’s been a long time coming.
      UPDATE: “Are the good times really over?” 1982.

  9. Fly Girl

    Sure InfoDiva, all past presidents have made mistakes. What sets Obama apart is his obsession to make Government responsible for every part of our lives. If BP screws up, Obama demands reform. If Wall Street doesn’t “act honorably”, Obama demands reform. Reform equals regulations. Regulations equal less power to the people. I have wonderful kids because I let them make their own mistakes and let them learn how to solve their own problems. I could have easily handed down “reform” and “regulations” but I didn’t. Nor should Obama. That’s why I ‘fear for my country’.

    PS: CF: great lyrics!