Shocker: Connecticut Republicans nominate the two wealthiest candidates

Lord and Lady Bountiful

Greenwich’s Tom Foley wins nomination for Governor, joins Senate nominee Greenwich’s Linda McMahon. Asked what he has in common with McMahon, Foley said, “We’re both obscenely  rich, obviously, which should play very well in the rest of Connecticut. They love Greenwich out there, so having two candidates from the nicest, best town in the state should really be a huge strength. Up in Derby, say, they’re gonna really appreciate two such important people taking time from their busy lives to straighten out the mess in Hartford. Lord and Lady Bountiful – that’s the (winning) ticket!”


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7 responses to “Shocker: Connecticut Republicans nominate the two wealthiest candidates

  1. Reader

    The polls say Lamont will win the Demmerkrat primary. It seems likely all four of the candidates for the top spots will be wealthy Greenwichites. Lamont, Blumenthal, Foley, and McMahon.

    • This is indeed going to be a bizarre election, Reader. Four Greenwich multi-millionaires competing in a state that basically hates and resents Greenwich, but delights in taxing us. Weird.

  2. Fly Girl

    What candidate today, CT or elsewhere, isn’t wealthy? Name one. Can’t? That’s cuz there aren’t any. Cuomo just announced he’s running for Governor of NY. I wonder what he’s worth.

  3. w b h

    I think there are at least three former military men running for the House, and I’d be surprised if any of them were ‘wealthy’:

    Vaughn Ward, a former CIA officer and Marine running in Idaho’s 1st District

    Allen West, a retired Lt. Colonel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, running in Florida’s 22nd District

    Adam Kinzinger, a pilot who flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, running in Illinois’ 11th District.

    There may be others.

  4. Boring

    Governor Lamont (D)
    Senator Blumenthal (D)

    Like it or not, that will be the result.
    See you on November 3.
    Have a great summer.

  5. Anonymous

    You are SO wrong about the Blumenthal/McMahon match, Boring.

    Linda, right out of the corner, will knock prissy Dickie down onto the mat with one blow and then proceed to kick him in the head until blood runs out of his ear. Then she will pick up his bloodied body, hold it briefly over her head in triumph and finally toss the scumbag out of the ring.

    You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!