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(Stolen) guest blogger, Ed Driscoll

PARTISAN SENATE NOMINEE FLAILS ON MEET THE PRESS: Rand Paul? No, the other partisan Senate nominee, Hugh Hewitt writes:

Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nominee Joe Sestak turned in a horrible, halting and dissembling performance on this morning’s Meet The Press, even though host David Gregory let him get away with a simple acknowledgment of a job offer from the Obama Administration to get out of the primary he won against Arlen Specter and a stonewall on the details of who offered what to the Congressman.  There is a very good argument that the offer is itself a crime, and it is hard to imagine Gregory and the MSM refusing to force answers out of a GOP nominee for senate in 2008, 2006, 2004 or 2002 who had been offered such a deal by President Bush or Karl Rove.

Sestak’s hard left record and agenda will dominate much of the commentary around the November race against Pat Toomy, but the MSM’s lay down on this story is an amazing example of the double standard that dominates Beltway media when it comes to covering the Obama Administration.

Once the dust settled on the 2008 race, these sorts of double-standards ceased to be amazing, and become the accepted coin of the realm in MSM land, sad to say. Ed Driscoll

UPDATE: Here’s a portion of that last link:

Meanwhile, I watched with disbelief as the nation’s leading newspapers, many of whom I’d written for in the past, slowly let opinion pieces creep into the news section, and from there onto the front page.  Personal opinions and comments that, had they appeared in my stories in 1979, would have gotten my butt kicked by the nearest copy editor, were now standard operating procedure at the New York Times, the Washington Post, and soon after in almost every small town paper in the U.S.

But what really shattered my faith – and I know the day and place where it happened – was the War in Lebanon three summers ago.  The hotel I was staying at in Windhoek, Namibia only carried CNN, a network I’d already learned to approach with skepticism.  But this was CNN International, which is even worse.  I sat there, first with my jaw hanging down, then actually shouting at the TV, as one field reporter after another reported the carnage of the Israeli attacks on Beirut, with almost no corresponding coverage of the Hezbollah missiles raining down on northern Israel.   The reporting was so utterly and shamelessly biased that I sat there for hours watching, assuming that eventually CNNi would get around to telling the rest of the story . . .but it never happened.

But nothing, nothing I’ve seen has matched the media bias on display in the current Presidential campaign.  Republicans are justifiably foaming at the mouth over the sheer one-sidedness of the press coverage of the two candidates and their running mates.  But in the last few days, even Democrats, who have been gloating over the pass – no, make that shameless support – they’ve gotten from the press, are starting to get uncomfortable as they realize that no one wins in the long run when we don’t have a free and fair press.  I was one of the first people in the traditional media to call for the firing of Dan Rather – not because of his phony story, but because he refused to admit his mistake – but, bless him, even Gunga Dan thinks the media is one-sided in this election.

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On a more cheerful note,

Kat Fountain and friends

My Katie comes home in a month. What an adventure she’s had, battling nasty predators, worse insects and mean monkeys. But also, what a blessing that she had this opportunity to live and work with people who weren’t shooting at her or planting bombs to kill her.

All these great kids her age want to save the world – It breaks my heart that they can’t all be working to save rain forests and endangered species.  What a waste or – better – what a shame. (update: our country’s enemies are lucky in this respect: had she chosen that direction, Kate would have been a fearsome warrior). I’m grateful to all of them, though, and  I wish them all home safe.


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While we’re on the topic

Someone sent me this picture

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(Bogus, but) Funny

From a reader:

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I’m pretty sure this is what upsets me about Blumenthal

Flags for the fallen

5,515 flags, one for each serviceman killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, planted at “The Fish Church” in Stamford for Memorial Day. The Stamford Advocate has just a few of their stories but each is so very, very sad.

These were men and women who died doing what they wanted to do, which mitigates the sadness, a bit. And to be fair to Blumenthal, I have no only a little doubt  that his attending every single homecoming of a fallen Connecticut soldier over the years was done with the utmost sincerity and in tribute to their service to our country.

It is still, to my mind, unforgivable for him to have pretended to have served among them. You just don’t steal another’s honor – period. These soldiers died earning their honor. Only their battlefield comrades can share in it, and it’s despicable for a Toys for Tots veteran to horn in.


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Obama: there’s nothing better than duck a’la oil

Sends top chefs to Louisiana


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Feds: we won’t process illegals from Arizona

And why should they, when they are doing such a fine job themselves.

For instance, here’s a rapist who’s been deported, and snuck back in, nine times. How dare a state claim that the government isn’t protecting our borders!

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I have this wonderful, liberal correspondant

Who sends me, from time to time, some great email. Here’s our latest correspondence  (I’m protecting his anonymity so that he can hold his head up at the next local Demmerkrat convention).


This one’s from Nicholas Kristof in today’s NYT: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/23/opinion/23kristof.html?ref=opinion

Here are the first two paragraphs:

There’s an ugly secret of global poverty, one rarely acknowledged by aid groups or U.N. reports. It’s a blunt truth that is politically incorrect, heartbreaking, frustrating and ubiquitous:

It’s that if the poorest families spent as much money educating their children as they do on wine, cigarettes and prostitutes, their children’s prospects would be transformed. Much suffering is caused not only by low incomes, but also by shortsighted private spending decisions by heads of households.

The obvious reason I shouldn’t send such a piece is that you and your fans will use it as proof that social welfare is an abomination. The reason I am sending  it is that Kristof is a thinking liberal’s liberal: He cares deeply about human suffering and does everything he can to call attention to injustices, but (as this op-ed makes clear) he doesn’t believe in sweeping unwelcome realities (inconvenient truths?) under the rug.

If only you guys would play by the same rules. . . .

My Response:

[XXX] – thanks. And I do admire Kristof. He reminds me of my hero, Pat Moynihan. One day, maybe, left and right can stop attributing the worst motives to the other side and recognize that both sides want the poor to be better off, the sick healed, etc. I include myself in that guilty partisanship – tempers do get frayed when people like me accuse the other side of being communists and the commies, on the other hand  (joke) accuse people like me of wanting to restore slavery. Sigh.


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It took a little while – 467 years, but justice is done

Polish Catholic church reburies, with honor, Nicolaus Copernicus.


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Put silver wings on my own chest; I’ll pretend I’m America’s best

Dick Blumenthal: "I have the hat! I have the hat to this day!"

Apologies to Barry Sadler, and The Ballad of the Green Berets but this London Times column, forwarded by Bill Clark, is a delightful send up of lying politicians like Dick Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton  and their “misstatements”.

By Dominick Lawson

Don’t lie, try misspeaking instead

There is no official league table for political lies. Some of us will be able to find it in our hearts to forgive a form of dissembling that others would regard as beyond salvation. Yet a candidate for office who, having gone to great lengths to avoid military combat, seeks public support on the basis of his invented active service would, you might think, be completely unelectable. Not necessarily, or so it seems, in America.

Treat yourself and read the whole thing.


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