Put silver wings on my own chest; I’ll pretend I’m America’s best

Dick Blumenthal: "I have the hat! I have the hat to this day!"

Apologies to Barry Sadler, and The Ballad of the Green Berets but this London Times column, forwarded by Bill Clark, is a delightful send up of lying politicians like Dick Blumenthal, Hillary Clinton  and their “misstatements”.

By Dominick Lawson

Don’t lie, try misspeaking instead

There is no official league table for political lies. Some of us will be able to find it in our hearts to forgive a form of dissembling that others would regard as beyond salvation. Yet a candidate for office who, having gone to great lengths to avoid military combat, seeks public support on the basis of his invented active service would, you might think, be completely unelectable. Not necessarily, or so it seems, in America.

Treat yourself and read the whole thing.


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15 responses to “Put silver wings on my own chest; I’ll pretend I’m America’s best

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    Yep, those Dems sure lie and misrepresent a whole lot. Out with ’em. Let’s get rid of all the lying Democrats–eventually, of course, that means ALL the Democrats–and replace ’em with . . . what? Honest Democrats? Do you believe there are any? Replace ’em with Republicans? Same question. Do you believe there are any?

    Three more questions:

    Blumenthal lied about his military service during the Vietnam War. How many people have died because of that lie?

    Hillary lied about her 1996 visit to Bosnia. How many people have died because of that lie?

    George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. (I know, I know: He didn’t lie. He was misinformed. He make an honest mistake. We ALL were wrong about WMDs. His intelligence agencies got it wrong. He was out of the loop. He merely misrepresented. Etc. etc. Nonsense! These are a whole pack of lies, conveniently assembled by apologists for one of the truly awful presidents in history, who happens to be a Republican.)

    Question 3: How many people have died because of Bush’s lie?

    • You’re conflating two separate issues, LLS. If, as you seem to, you care about soldiers who died or were horribly maimed in battle, surely you can share my disgust in a politician who, having done his best to avoid military service, comes along forty years later and tries to claim the valor of those fallen kids. It’s beyond the pale, and I say that as a former war protestor myself.

  2. Last Liberal Standing

    It’s one thing to honor war veterans. But if you’ve really got a concern about their deaths and maimings, you’ll fight like hell not to accept flimsy adolescent arguments for future unnecessary wars, and you’ll be mad-as-hell-and-not-gonna-take-it-anymore about lying, murderous warmongers.

    Wanting to prevent the horrors that always come with wars is a big part of the rationale behind war protest. It’s the reason I attended the anti-war rally in NYC in February of 2003–a few short weeks before George Bush’s lies led to the wholly unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

    Yes, you still ought to shout insults at politicians who said they served in Vietnam but didn’t, or who said they were under attack in Bosnia but weren’t. But if you’re going to ask for blood, go after the person who actually CAUSED thousands–hundreds of thousands–of deaths and maimings.

    I wouldn’t “conflate two separate issues” if the angry right-wing mob would acknowledge the atrocities of their own leaders along with the (mere) dishonesties of their opponents.

    It’s about the scale of things, sir.

  3. Pete

    A far as I know, Bush believed there were WMD’s in Iraq. Does Blumenthal believe he was in Vietnam?

  4. The Word

    OK, Last Liberal (we should only be so lucky), here’s the question for you:

    Name a war that you WOULD have supported. And not in hindsight, as you are doing with Iraq, but AT THE TIME. Here’s a link to a video compilation of great lefty politicians – Clinton (him and her), Gore, Kerry, Ted Kennedy (D., Chappaquiddick), Chris Dodd) ALL discussing in 2002 and 2003 how important it was to eliminate to eliminate Saddam and his biological and chemical weapons (you know, the ones he had actually USED on the Kurds).

    But I guess you had better intel than they did (not to mention the Soviets (sorry, Russians), French, Brits (led by famous right-winger Tony Blair), etc.

    One of my favorite political observations of the past 10 years (from P.J. O’Rourke, or maybe Mark Steyn) had to do with those “Free Tibet” bumper stickers that are de rigeur in certain liberal circles. If the United States or (ha ha) the United Nations were to actually mobilize troops for exactly that purpose, then within 24 hours those bumper stickers would be scraped off and replaced with “Make Love, Not War” stickers. Absolutely right.

  5. Anonymous

    you can always tell a true liberal by the way he/she reacts to criticism. never deals with the criticism, but deflects the discussion to the crimes or missteps of some recent or ancient liberal bete noir.

  6. Last Liberal Standing

    Nonsense, Anon.

    You can’t “always tell a true liberal” by any such m.o. as the one you’ve tossed at me. If you’ve read my previous comments, you’ll be unable to support that silliness with convincing examples.

    You looking for a liberal who acknowledges when he’s wrong? Would you know him if you saw him? I doubt it.

    Here’s how I actually react to criticism (and many of my slimeball fellow travelers do the same): I wonder if the criticism is true. Or maybe partly true. And if there’s validity in the charge, I admit it.

    That takes practice, but it’s the only honest way to operate. You ought to try it, instead of making ridiculous generalizations about how “you can always tell a liberal” (or anyone you dislike) by some foul habit or other.

  7. Last Liberal Standing

    The Word challenges me to name a war that I WOULD have supported.

    Sheesh. World War II. Reason: Hitler bad, very bad. And actively pursuing his heinous impulses. And largely succeeding. Mussoline bad, too. Hirohito not welcome at my dinner table. Me want kill.

    Other than that, nope. Me no want war. War bad.

  8. The Duke of Deception

    LLS — your former post is among the dumbest things the Duke has ever read. You are an idiot.

  9. Pete

    I think LLS’s responses make the case for anonymous.

  10. Last Liberal Standing

    Duke and Pete:

    Good comebacks, fellas! Zingy, hyperbolic, trenchant, bilious, and categorically dismissive! I don’t think I could ever follow up with a retort of equal brilliance.

    But I’ll try:

    So’s your mama!

  11. Last Liberal Standing


    I wasn’t denigrating YO mama, of course. She’s above reproach–esp. with her longstanding Dem. loyalties.

    But I bet those other twirps are speechless after my splendiferous comeback.