End game in Korea?

No sensible person would think so, but with Obama and Kim Jong II  both saying we should prepare for war, the market’s freaking out. And why not? Does shed a little light on Japan agreeing to keep U.S. troops on Okinawa today.


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8 responses to “End game in Korea?

  1. Priapus

    A ooooo ga
    A ooooo ga
    Down periscope, dive dive dive.

    Mommy, how do the markets always know?

  2. tokenekebozo

    Can’t we just get the hell out of there and let the Koreans get to work whacking each other? North Korea? South Korea? Who cares, they are all the same. “Racist dwarfs” in the apt words of Christopher Hitchens. Anyone who has spent any time in Korea knows how chauvinistic and unpleasant they are. Not worth one American life. Send the guys who run the dry cleaners and the flat-chested, dog-eating little girl golfers home to defend the Fatherland.

    • In fact, I know a number of Koreans and admire and like them. That aside, the issue is China. It wants either a compliant neighbor or maybe an addition to its land mass. Bad news for Japan, and our own control of the seas over there. As always, this has nothing to do with the people affected but, rather, our own national interests. But that’s how it goes.

  3. Chris: I disagree. More than anything else it has to do with Obama’s sliding numbers. Wag the Dog

  4. This was published in a military blog I follow several weeks ago and I think it’s right on target. Read the whole thing here:


    South Korea must demand reparations for the Cheonan, but if the North fails to comply, what then? Talk does not faze mass-murdering dictators. When Adolf Hitler militarized the Rhineland, the Western allies flinched — and the Nazis became more audacious. The Rhineland was a strategic probe of allied will. Sinking the Cheonan is a probe of the U.S.-South Korean relationship and ultimately a probe of U.S. President Barack Obama’s commitment to mutual defense. His diplomatic track record, and his personality, incline toward appeasement.

  5. tokenekebozo

    Apologies, I was intemperate in my language. Your pets are safe from the girl golfers. If, however, you do know and like some Koreans, I suggest you get to know them a bit better. The issue is indeed China, but what they are really concerned about is a NOKOR implosion that would lead to millions of refugees coming into their country. They already have a billion+ people to look after. They know Kim Jong-Il is an a-hole, but he is all that is holding that benighted place together. The implosion is inevitable, but Hu Jintao sure doesn’t want it on his watch and he will stall it as long as he can.

    • China doesn’t want a reunified Korea, friendly to the U.S., on its border, just as S. Korea doesn’t want a few hundred million starving NoKos streaming south. So you’d think that would be enough reason to keep Kim Jr. in place but the guy is monkey-scratching nuts, so who knows? Should be interesting.

  6. SlappedAss

    This North-South 50 year stare down needs to end. It can end in the next few weeks, or another fifty years. I believe we need to grab the bull by the horns and take some decisive military action against the North Korean Maniac. Free the Northern people living in oppression and poverty. Eliminate this ongoing threat. My feeling is the guy in the north is a paper tiger. The entire country would collapse so quickly, it would make the 100 hour ground offensive into Baghdad seem like an eternity. Wars are won by two things, the will of the people to fight, and the resources available to wage a war. What would the people of North Korea be fighting for? I bet most of them would be like the Iraqis in the first little war over there-Desert Storm. Iraqi’s surrendering to camera crew. Begging to be taken. Same thing over in NOKO. Resources? They can’t even power the country, or produce or import gas to run their cars. I guess they could put up a pretty good fight as a bicycle mounted cavalry, but not much match for 50 CAL. Chain guns that liquidate humans in seconds. Lets get this over with, and end it once and for all, if for nothing else to free the millions who are starving, sick and oppressed in NOKO.