Push back – Brits are now global warming skeptics

No one believes the “science” anymore. Funny how distorting and hiding data will do that.


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5 responses to “Push back – Brits are now global warming skeptics

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    A. The article you linked to with the statement, “No one believes the ‘science’ anymore,” does NOT say that no one believes in climate change. The article does say that fewer people believe it than used to believe it, in Britain, Germany, and the United States. But “fewer” does not mean “no one.”

    B. Even if 99% of the people in a country were climate skeptics (and it’s nowhere near 99%, of course), what would that “prove”? Are you really willing to use popular opinion as a “proof” of what’s true? If that’s the case, then for a while Barack Obama was terrific! (Remember how popular he was?) The people have great judgment, right?

    C. The article DOES include lines like, “the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed,” “overwhelming scientific agreement that climate change is real and a threat,” “no evidence that the East Anglia researchers had actively distorted climate data,” globally, this winter was the fifth warmest in history,” “the science was so clear on the warming trend,” and “Scientists in France, the Netherlands and the United States have signed open letters affirming their trust in climate change evidence.” Did you happen to notice any of that?

    D. Yes, there are people quoted in the article who express doubt about climate change. And their qualifications as experts? One’s “a musician who was shopping in London on a recent lunch hour”; another just happened to be running “errands near Hyde Park” and, presumably, was willing to voice an opinion. When you stack up the scientific consensus against authorities like those two nice people, how in the world can we know whom to trust?

    E. I suspect that you, CF, consider climate change a nuisance, so you believe that “No one [with half a brain] believes the ‘science’ anymore.” That’s literally true. But those (including scientists) with BOTH halves of their brains intact DO believe the science (no quotes needed around “science”).

    F. By the way, why do you spend so much time reading a newspaper (NYT) that you despise? Don’t try to tell me it’s because the editors are on vacation, because you’ve been reading the despicable rag for wayyyyyyyyy too long. Just can’t break a bad habit, huh?

  2. Last Liberal Standing


    So’s your mama.

  3. Anonymous

    LLS…the data DOES NOT support global warming…I repeat, the data does not support global warming. Look at the data…not the “consensus” of liberal scientists. this is the same “consesus” that said the argument over global warming is over…only to be proved wrong.

  4. boredatwork

    Posting this in a place where it might get ignored, but this is (as usual) very funny. Somehow the Onion got LLS and CF to debate the issue on TV. 🙂