We’re in the best of hands, II

EPA demands that BP use a less toxic oil dispersant agent. “Invent one, damn it, right now!”

BP was locked in a tense standoff with the Environmental Protection Agency, which had ordered the company to stop using a chemical dispersant called Corexit by Sunday. But BP continued spraying the chemical on Monday despite the E.P.A.’s demand that it use a less toxic dispersant to break up the oil. The company told the agency that no better alternative was available.

Durbin was joined by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who were sent to the region Monday by President Obama in response to increasing criticism that the White House was not acting aggressively enough on the spill.

“The federal government has mounted the largest response to fight this oil in all of the history of this country,” Mr. Salazar said. Speaking of BP, he reiterated the phrase that the government would “keep our boot on their neck until the job gets done.”

Ms. Napolitano said the government had formed a group of “the best scientists available within the federal government” to calculate new estimates of how much oil has been released into the Gulf, suggesting that the government was not satisfied with BP’s estimates, which have attracted widespread criticism as too low. The group is expected to have its assessment ready by early next week.

So if I have this right, BP is doing what it can to stop the spill and contain the damage, while Obummer has sent his tools down there to point fingers, “assess the situation” and demand impossible, dream solutions, like a non-toxic, magic oil dispersant. We can sleep tonight.


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5 responses to “We’re in the best of hands, II

  1. Fly Girl

    We’re in luck: both Salazar and Napolitano hold degrees in political science from college. Phew, for a minute there I thought they might not know what they are talking about. 🙂

  2. CJ

    If you read Houston Chronicle and others today it’s obvious that they have good reason to question why a more toxic and less effective dispersant was used when over 10 other products were identified as more efficient and less toxic, and it was found that BP had very close ties to the maker of the dispersant used.

  3. Fly Girl

    CJ: that’s a bunch of bunk.

  4. CL Pasm

    So what response would make you happy, Chris? On the one hand if the Obama hadn’t sent his Cabinet members down there, there would be cries that they are uninvolved, don’t care, etc. Since they are down there you seem to think that they are meddling. What is the correct course of action, in your opinion? It sounds like a lose/lose situation to me.

    Fly Girl, it looks like CJ is right on this one.


  5. Fred2

    Well, I do think the first thing that Obummer sent down there, was lawyers after all!

    Hey, you have a highly technical disaster that stymieing some of the top minds in oil exploration, what do you need? Lawyers, obviously.