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WWF comes to Greenwich this Memorial Day

Draft-dodging liar Dick Blumenthal has been invited to speak at the same Memorial Day service his WWF opponent, Linda McMahon will be attending.


UPDATE: He’s bowed out or, as Greenwich Time puts it, “sought another deferment”. Good line.


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Yeah well, it’s always something

Solar plant workers sent home without pay so Obama could visit and praise his job program.

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I loved the guy, but I thought he’d predeceased Generalissimo Franco

Art Linkletter dead at 97. Who knew?

UPDATE: Cool video. Stick around for the end. Very touching tribute.

UPDATE: From the comments:

In recent years, Linkletter visited nursing homes, spoke to gatherings of residents. He told of one such visit, as he was leaving the front lobby, he saw a woman in a wheelchair, stopped and said, “Hello, do you know who I am?” The woman responded, “No, but if you ask at the front desk, they’ll tell you.”


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Here it comes: French invade Greece, shut down highways

Shocking, and it certainly won’t help the Euro.


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Cool: a gunsight that sees around corners

Keep our soldiers safe. And invented in a garage, as all great American technology is : Hewlett Packard, Apple, etc.


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A couple of sales (sorry – formatting on this post got screwed up, somehow, and I’ve had to dump the pictures)

3 Clover Place, Cos Cob Clover Place, a nice five bedroom, came on back in 2008 at $1.749, sold today for $1.250. That’s a pretty good buy, I think.

9 Circle Wood sold for $1.700 in November, 2005, again in August ’07 for $1.850 and once again today for $1.375.

New listing at 15 Sylvan Lane that’s trying to get a couple hundred thousand more than they paid for it a couple of years ago ($2.495 vs. $2.210). There have been improvements made but in this market, it seems that sellers can pretty much kiss off the money they put into a house and are lucky to break even. We’ll see.

Contract: 40 Lockwood Drive, Old Greenwich. 1/4 acre and an older house, priced at $1.475 and is under contract in just 49 days. Go figure. Nice yard.

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Bonnie and Clyde update, go with the rhyme

Bonnie and Yonni arrested for wire fraud, theft, from Disney

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–A former administrative assistant to Walt Disney Co.’s (DIS) head of communications and her boyfriend have been arrested and charged with trying to sell advance access to the company’s earnings reports.

Bonnie Hoxie, 33, and her boyfriend Yonni Sebbag, 29, have been charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. They face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the wire fraud charge.

Hoxie had worked as an assistant to Zenia Mucha, Disney’s head of corporate communication. She had been with the company since 2007. Mucha didn’t immediately return a phone call seeking comment Wednesday.

Sebbag and Hoxie were arrested by FBI agents in Los Angeles Wednesday and are expected to appear in federal court there later Wednesday.

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Joe Biden – God love him – makes fun of Blumenthal’s “war record”

I do believe they’re members of the same party, aren’t they?

Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday took an unexpected dig at Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal for misstating [uh, that should read, “lying about” – ED]  his military service record.

While speaking at a barbecue for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, he commented about veterans coming home from the Vietnam War. Biden, who has a penchant for being loquacious, veered into the Connecticut Senate race.

“I didn’t serve in Vietnam. I don’t want to make a Blumenthal mistake here,” he said according to a pool report. “Our attorney general from Connecticut, God love him.”

Later he said “I have a bad habit of saying exactly what I think.”


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Guess they don’t teach horticulture at the Police Academy

Texas cops mistake horse mint for marijuana, spend hours doing yard work at city park. The shame of it all is that, until someone with a little knowledge stepped in, the cops were touting it as “one of the largest marijuana plant seizures in the police department’s history”.

Why do I suspect that Chief Ridberg dodged a bullet here?


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Kids, don’t try this at home

Aussie baby fine after train hits his stroller. Second such accident there down under in six months. The Australians either make incredibly sturdy babies, or strollers.


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On overpricing houses and still keeping clients

460 North Street

This was an Ogilvy listing back in April, 2003, when it was priced at $12.5 million. In October, 2004, Ogilvy sold it to another of his clients for $8.650. Those buyers dumped a ton of money into renovations, then relisted it with Ogilvy for $11.950 million in July, 2008. It is still for sale, but reduced now to $9.950.

(Really great house, by the way, but it’s smack on North Street, and that can be a hard sell to all but the deaf).


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White House: stop referring to it as “ObamaCare”!

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Nancy Pelosi was bragging that Americans would come to love the plan once they found out what was in it? Now even the President doesn’t want to come near it. I suppose “PelosiCare” has a certain ring to it – I’m sure the WH would be pleased to see that switch.


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