WWF comes to Greenwich this Memorial Day

Draft-dodging liar Dick Blumenthal has been invited to speak at the same Memorial Day service his WWF opponent, Linda McMahon will be attending.


UPDATE: He’s bowed out or, as Greenwich Time puts it, “sought another deferment”. Good line.


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4 responses to “WWF comes to Greenwich this Memorial Day

  1. Anonymous

    CF, you’ve often accused Greenwich Time of being cowardly. But in the article you linked to above, they sound pretty damned feisty, no?

    “Richard Blumenthal is seeking another deferment.

    “Invited by the Greenwich American Legion Post 29 to be a guest speaker at its dockside service in his hometown on Memorial Day, Blumenthal abruptly cancelled his appearance Wednesday at that event and other military tributes.

    “The Democratic Senate nominee now avoids the media frenzy and potential distraction that his presence could have created. The Greenwich ceremony would have brought him face-to-face with Linda McMahon for the first time since the firestorm over Blumenthal’s statements that he served in Vietnam when he did not.”

    Sounds to me like they’re accusing Blumenthal of lacking the balls to face Linda McMahon.

    You go, Conde!

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Seems like people don’t really care. Pretty sad.
    Your Pal,

  3. GreenwichTea

    From the Greenwich Time: “He’s just committed to keeping the focus on veterans,” said Maura Downes, a spokeswoman for Blumenthal. “He thinks Memorial Day weekend is a solemn occasion and the focus should be squarely and solely on honoring our service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect their freedoms.” Blumenthal will be spending the weekend privately with his family, according to Downes, who left the door open that Blumenthal may visit some veterans memorials, albeit in a low-key manner.

    Let’s unspin: “My candidate was caught lying, and would be humiliated by adults and children if he appeared at the parade, but I’ll attribute his absence to ….. honoring our servicemen.”

  4. Nathan Hale

    Gail Collins states today in her NY Times column that Linda McMahon is inviting every Connecticut voter out to dinner at Red Lobster.

    Where do we get in line for that? Will vouchers be offered? Can we order the Copper River Salmon?