Buhl is back

RBS Can’t Handle Journalist Printing the Truth

The group of British government-funded bank traders in Stamford, Royal Bank of Scotland, have thrown a hissy fit over one financial blog printing news about some of their most embarrassing mistakes. That’s right, RBS has now banned its employees from reading one of the funniest wall street publications – Dealbreaker – and cut off their Internet access to the site.

You see last week,when the bank lost power for about 10 minutes during trading hours, Dealbreaker correctly reported that it was because of an overflowing toilet. Yep, all that money they spent on their high-tech brand new building didn’t plan for bathroom problems and the water spilled into their communications closet. Well RBS brass didn’t take too kindly to a staffer outing this embarrassing mistake to Bess Levin at Dealbreaker and instead of just laughing it off, have now punished employees by taking away their daily DB reading.

Personally – I’ve always found the press people at RBS immature – like the fact they still won’t admit why rouge trader James Glover hasn’t been arrested after they turned him over to Feds for a stealing from Greenwich Capital clients.

I mean don’t you think the shareholders would like hear that US authorities actually got Glover to give the millions he took back and maybe gave him some jail time?

Anyway – Levin is now asking for all RBS insiders to give her a shout and tell any and all gossip about their bank bosses so she can print it. Please do – we need some fun finance stories around here now that Greenwich Time has failed to find a financial services reporter to cover the news hole I left them with.


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6 responses to “Buhl is back

  1. pulled up in OG

    Hiram’s gonna run out of rouge ink on this one.

  2. Chinatown

    those Brits are known for coed toilets and very inexpensive toilet paper…clogs everything up. Where’s the Charmin salesperson?

  3. Walt

    Dude Man –
    So what, pray tell, does this have to do with Ms. McBeal, if I may ask? Other than you like to type her name and get all hot and bothered. Is there a connection here that I miss? Clue me in.
    And RBS is like 85% owned by the UK government, right? So they all work for the Queen? Can’t they get Fergie a job? I hear she is tight on cash.
    And do all the employees there now all have really bad teeth? And who was the rocket scientist that put a crapper above the communications closet? We need some answers here.
    Your Pal,

  4. Anon E. Moose

    Are they blocking cell signals in the building too, so employees can’t read on the iPhone?

    The cellular revolution has made it remarkably easy to do things during the work day compeltely independently of an employer’s network, e.g. go for a cigarette and have a telephone interview… Check a website from the loo…

  5. Teri Buhl

    If you have dirt on RBS executives behaving badly send them to my former Dealbreaker editor Bess Levin at bess@dealbreaker.com She’s great at keeping sources confidential.
    If you have any new news on what James Glover is now doing, beside fighting off jail time, please send tips to me at teribuhl@yahoo.com. You know like maybe someone else at RBS is going to get charged for stealing from Greenwich Capital clients.

  6. Walt

    Dude Man!!
    Ms McBeal is in da house!!! Your pocket rocket ignite, or what? Maybe you fainted in front of your computer, and Fudrucker needs to administer mouth to mouth? Or you are just prancing around your desk, singing “Your Beautiful” like James Blunt. Huh? Which one is it?
    Plus. PLUS… she left you her personal e-mail, you lucky dawg. So the hottie wants some dirt. So give it to her. Dirt, you perv, not that.
    You are an “investigative journalist”, right? It isn’t a problem that you have not dressed or left your basement in a month, and have no clue what is going on in the world. Your squeeze wants some dirt, just make some shit up. And give her what she wants.
    Yes – that’s right – just make it up. It’s the internet, for Pete’s Sake. That is what you are supposed to do – everybody just pretends and lies.
    Like me. I pretended to do “Due Diligence”. And you. You pretend to be a “professional” and an “honest” real estate agent. (That is a big B.S. even for the net!!). And Hiram. He pretends to be a human being. He also pretends to be Fake Walt, Priapus, Pieree nom de Douche Bag, Chief Satchem, and I think every other poster in this room that isn’t me or you. Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy.
    Anyway – give the hottie what she wants. How about the RBS crew cheap out on the tips at Beamers? (This one isn’t made up!!)
    Too tame?
    Hmmm. How about, since they now all work for the Queen, they stopped shaking hands and curtsy to each other instead?
    Still too tame? Ok let me think about it.
    But it looks like you actually may have a shot here, so don’t do anything stupid and screw it up.
    Your Pal,