Greenwich tennis coach fired

Connie Jones fired. Sure seems like bullshit to me but then, I almost never believe cops and their stories.


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24 responses to “Greenwich tennis coach fired

  1. Coach Barrett

    Long ago, a great biology teacher named Dan Barrett who had an interest in oceanography and marine science coached tennis at GHS. He was a true gentleman. He shoved many opposing teams behind Greenwich on the scoreboard. Back then, players listened to their Sony Walkman and bagels were for New Yorkers, not CT Yankees.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Likely very hot at (late) graduation this year.

    Hmmm. Skip it or show up in tennis shorts?

  3. Anonymous

    This might have been a defining moment for our new school superintendent, but he chose instead to join the ranks of clowns like Larry Leverett and Betty Sternberg.

    So the Board of Ed has done it again: they screw up the choice of schools superintendent, and by the time their ill-advised choice resigns, the members who hired him are outta there. Sandy Waters, anyone?

  4. TraderVic

    A silver lining is the appointment of Hugh Underhill as the interim coach, who has an impeccable record in town. If the firing of Ms. Jones is a mistake, at least the Board of Ed didn’t “double down”. I give them some credit for that.

  5. ajnock

    Her refusal to talk about the stated reasons for her dismisal and the fact that she is just “thinking” about contesting the firing indicates to me there is more here than meets the eye. Not passing my smell test. I hope they would not fire a popular teacher/coach over something trivial so my guess there is something else here that we are not being told about.

  6. gmom

    I’m a bit tired of hearing that she shouldn’t have been fired because of the winning teams she has coached. Obviously, the kids were showing poor sportsmanship if they were tossing things out of windows and leaving the bus with litter all over the floor/seats. Coaching should be about more then the final score and trophy and she did not supervise the students well enough while they were under her supervision.

    I’d rather have a losing team that treats others and their surroundings with respect.

  7. Teri Buhl

    I still just want to know if the NY Hwy cop lied. Did Coach Jones shove him or not. The cops never showed the Greenwich Time reporter the police report and after Coach Jones went on the record to say they are lying the NY cops shut down and stopped talking to the paper. When I interviewed the tennis crew for my NY Mag story on Dan Madoff’s involvment… no one said they saw Coach Jones shove the cop. I agree with Chris – this looks like abuse by the HWY cops.

  8. Anon1

    I guess I’m in the minority because I agree with the decision to fire the coach. This coach and all teachers should be an example to students at all times in public, especially when they are representing the school in school activities.

    There is never a need to lose one’s temper and challenge a police officer in front of school children. What message would be sent to the kids if the school’s management lets her get away with her disrespectful behavior? “You can get away with things if you are a winner because you are special and and don’t have to follow the rules.”

  9. pulled up in OG

    Pathetic, really. They kissed Burke’s ass for how many years?

  10. Red

    Couldn’t the district have found a better choice for interim boy’s coach than the husband of the current girl’s team coach? Nepotism, anyone?

  11. Greenwich Gal

    Red, the husband of the current girl’s team coach is a tennis professional of the highest order. He is not merely someone’s husband, I assure you. Hugh Underhill has many years of professional tennis under his belt.

  12. Fly Girl From The Beach

    Would it be wrong to post the letter/email you said you got from Miss Jones a couple of weeks ago? Then I thought it was inappropriate. Now, not so much, especially that her fate has been determined. Drinks ready. Gotta go.

  13. Red

    GG, don’t misunderstand me — I know Mr. Underhill is a seasoned and popular tennis professional — I was just questioning the family ties to the other coach. Though for a short-term interim fix, late in the season, it’s probably fine.

  14. Red

    From what I hear, any GHS coach in this era should have the training of a psychiatrist and the thick skin of a rhino. But your lawyerly skills might come in handy too.

    • I did some substitute teaching at the high school some years ago, when I was trying (unsuccessfully) to make a living as a writer. I enjoyed it very much, but I did find that trail lawyer sharpness kept the mischievous boys in line (or perhaps it was that that, having been one of them, I knew exactly what they were up to).

  15. Lax Mom

    Why is it that Connie Jones was fired so quickly and Paul Burke kept his job as CIVICS TEACHER and Lax coach for many years after many arrests??

  16. gmom

    Paul Burke’s (mis)behavior, while inexcusable, was on his own time and he was also a union member which made firing him that more difficult. Did he have tenure?

  17. TraderVic

    There are two legal questions raised here, perhaps someone knows the answers (Chris?) 1. Is the Town of Greenwich exposing itself to a costly lawsuit due to the firing of Ms. Jones? 2. Is there a legal reason not to have hired Hugh Underhill just because his wife is the Girl’s Coach? Note that the very successful GHS Theater Program is run by a husband-wife team, so there is a precedence for this.

  18. anonymous

    i agree with gmom- just because you win, doesn’t give you merit to snub your nose at the law. A coach that chooses to show disrespect to a police officer in front of her students, is irresponsible. Why instead was she not horrified that the students on her team were throwing objects at other cars, potentially causing an accident. It sounds like she acted like one of the students, instead of the leader she was hired to be. I think it’s great that GHS is handling this situation the way they are, and showing that people will be held responsible for their actions, regardless of what their winning record might be. I do feel badly for this coach, but I think sometimes an example needs to be set for students to learn accountability. Hopefully they will think twice before acting with disregard to others in the future. And hopefully this coach will find another job after having learned a tough lesson.

  19. Greenwich Gal

    I do find this thing both sad and hilarious that it was all started by a cream cheese bagel….I mean can you imagine – your career done in by a hurled poppy seed with a schmear? It just can’t get any more ridiculous.