From InstaPundit:

GOOD QUESTION: “If deficits didn’t matter as many like Economist James Galbraith argue today, why should citizens even pay taxes? It would make everyone happier if they didn’t.”


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  1. Peg

    I posted this on my own blog today, too, Chris!

    My other favorite:

    The tremendous economic Sophism of the day is that a nation can print its way into prosperity; “If debt and money printing equaled prosperity then Zimbabwe would be the richest country.

  2. Fred2


    IT’s funny you know, you study history and it’s pretty obvious how to have a well off, well run, pleasant society. A dash of fiscal probity, ruling class that restrains itself (just alittle) , a legal system that is reasonably sane and fair…

    and yet, giventhe choice 9 times out 10 people will pick the WRONG CHOICES.