Home detoxification – “An idea whose time has come”

That’s according to the New York Times. My question for these alarmist is why, with new tales of toxic horrors publicized every day, does the average life expectancy continue to increase?

Hogwash is the nicest term I can come up with.


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4 responses to “Home detoxification – “An idea whose time has come”

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    A business plan based on fear. Just like the hand sanitizer business.

    I, for one, believe the government should enact no additional consumer protection laws, and just enforce the ones we have. Oh, and any citizen who doesn’t follow the product directions can’t sue the manufacturer.

    Let Darwin take care of these folks rather than PelosiCare™

  2. Old Coot

    But don’t you understand? It’s for the children!™

  3. Chief Sachem

    Darwin is dead. Pelosi will join him soon enough.

    The NY Times article is derivative from “Slow Death by Rubber Duck,” which has a whole different meaning in the Lakota tongue.

  4. Old School Grump

    I sincerely have respect for parents and scientists who are pursuing a possible connection between environmental toxins and the astonishing increase in children with autism (the autism increase is for real, folks, not just a neurotic turn in reporting practices, so don’t go into eye-rolling mode), but beyond that, guess what? Surprise, surprise, we all die somehow! Okay, it is less likely to be TB, scarlet fever, dysentery or runaway infections. So now other things take its place. Must go reread “Why Things Bite Back” by Edward Tenner.