Nice house but … (II)

20 Dingletown

This ill-fated spec house was built by amateurs back in 2006 by a nice couple who paid a builder to erect it for them and then, having paid him his profit, tried adding on a second slice and priced it at $5.395 million. Even at the top of the bubble there wasn’t room for that much gravy and so it didn’t sell. It finally dropped to $3.895 last year and today it’s back at a higher price, $4.195. It’s unlikely, in my opinion, that the house has increased in value since last year.


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5 responses to “Nice house but … (II)

  1. anonymous

    The basement is damp – it was built in wetlands.

  2. I would think that, were it inhabited, any moisture problem in the basement could be addressed. The biggest problem with this house is its $4.5 million mortgage debt – how do you get to the right price with that kind of number looming overhead?

  3. Fan

    Dingletown is the worst to drive on!

  4. armonk

    Is this the house that had some kind of special septic technology which allowed a large house to be built on a small lot?

    • Could be, Armonk. Engineered septic systems are quite common in Massachusetts but until five or 6 years ago, weren’t seen much around here. Nothing at all wrong with them, other than their expense and I suspect we’ll see more of them as regulations tighten and good land becomes scarcer.