Should Obama be at Arlington on Monday?

Sorry you lost your kid, ma'am - can I play through?

He’s being criticized for blowing off the ceremony on Memorial Day and taking a vacation instead. On the one hand, I’m sympathetic to the President. He’s under pressure, and can doubtless use another break. On the other hand, George W. quit playing golf when the war started because, in his words, he “didn’t want the mother of a soldier just killed to see me on television having a good time”. [Update: turns out, I was paraphrasing, but close enough – check the link for what he said exactly]. Obama loves his golf and apparently feels it’s okay to keep it up because it was his predecessor who started the damn war, not he.

I come down on the side that he should be at Arlington – he’s Commander-in-Chief and regardless of who started this mess, he is now responsible for keeping the troops over there, and some are dying every day. I think that going without a golf outing comes with the job.

UPDATE: Another Instalanche! Thanks, Glenn.


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42 responses to “Should Obama be at Arlington on Monday?

  1. w b h

    Rare from me a defense of BHO for anything, but apparently both Presidents Bush, and President Reagan, have been absent from Arlington on Memorial Day. The only President in the last 30 years to have been there every year of his term is Bill Clinton. I seem to have read someplace that BHO will speak at a Memorial Day service at a Veterans Affairs cemetery in Illinois.

    • George W. missed one year, when he was in Europe – (D Day celebration?) . Reagan and his predecessors weren’t leading the country during wartime. I think that makes a difference. And Obummer will be at a local ceremony in Illinois so he can cut out and get to the golf course early.

  2. Priapus

    Yes, he should be lying there.

  3. Priapus

    Opps, did i say lying?

  4. pulled up in OG

    On yet another hand, what’s wrong with Abraham Lincoln NATIONAL Cemetery?

  5. Chris: I disagree completely. Obama is a pathetic excuse of a CINC and a complete disgrace as a human being. The souls of the men and women buried there should not be insulted by his presence on hallowed ground on a sacred day of observance of their ultimate sacrifice.

  6. jeff

    He doesn’t want to invest, or fake, any time and interest in the civic religion. That may haunt him if and when he needs to tap those mystic chords of memory in the future.

  7. mbecker908

    Hell no he shouldn’t be there. The idea of a man who hates the very idea of America sharing the stage with men who loved their country enough to pay the ultimate price for freedom is more than anyone should have to bear.

  8. I agree with your final point completely.

    Obama is the current CIC. He owes our military heroes better than this.

  9. Flight-ER-Doc

    It’s his damned JOB to be there at Arlington on Memorial day. The asshole should be there.

  10. I don’t want the non-serving, leftist crud within 10 miles of the place.

  11. SamIam

    At first I was disgusted when I heard he wasn’t going to be at Arlington. Then on further consideration I decided it’s kind of inappropriate for him to be there because he is in reality our first anti-American President of The United States.

    He doesn’t belong there and he knows it.

  12. aliprowl

    He’s a slug, a total slug, and doesn’t have a clue about what “service to one’s country” really means. Unless, of course, that is a union. Let him pass. No problem. Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly….

  13. pulled up in OG

    Maybe McMahon will show up at Arlington, she got nuthin’ better to do now.

  14. Sonar

    I’m military (once active, currently reserve).

    He doesn’t want to, I don’t want him.

    Greater honor is displayed by the attendance of so many NON celebrity.

  15. el polacko

    please.. the president is “busy doing other things”.. golf, vacations, basketball, 17k per plate fundraisers, gala state dinners, beyonce concerts, stevie wonder concerts, paul mccartney concerts .. my god ! how does the man keep up with it all ?!

  16. jbiii

    He’s going to Chicago where he really belongs.

  17. Nick Reynolds

    I don’t want him there. His appearance would lessen the ceremony. He is the anti-patriot, the anti-american and a narcissist beyond compare . Let him play golf or go hang out with his leftie friends or perhaps play with himself. At least he couldn’t do any more damage that way. He is the one that he’s been waiting for, right?

  18. RobertEngler

    As a USMC vet, I’m glad our post-American C-in-C has decided not to defile that place of honor.

  19. bevo francis

    I would like to see obama be able to play golf every day out of office now.

  20. Anonymous

    US Navy – We don’t want him there!!

    Let him play his 56th round of golf since he took office. BTW, don’t you think it is elitist for a socialist such as himself to be playing that much golf. Imagine what the media would have done to W if he played that much golf or skipped Arlington.

  21. boredatwork

    Wow, that post fired up the base!

  22. Cobra

    Perhaps he’s attending Laskar Jihad memorial events between rounds. I’m sure he’s quite welcome there.

  23. greenmtnpunter

    The questions is: How can we send The Zero back to Chicago prior to 1/20/13? Are those Articles of Impeachment in draft form yet? Don’t worry, you can keep adding to them as the need arises.

  24. Dennis

    We don’t want the Obamanation there. He would defile the Sacred Ground.

  25. Perhaps while in Chicago our Boy-King can meet up with his “former pastor” for a round of G*d-D@mning America.

  26. DJ

    My parents are buried in Arlington. I’d just as soon BHO never goes there.

  27. mary martha

    My father is buried in Abraham Lincoln national Cemetery and I wish he would stay away from here too!

  28. Dem from OG

    Wow, what a bunch of lunatics. You guys are so blinded by your hatred of this man. Patriots? I’ve seen commenters here call for his death, call for him to be thrown out of office before the next election — you guys are talking about the democratically-elected President of the United States of America.

    Chris — check your damn facts. George W. Bush skipped Arlington in 2001 and 2002 — less than a year after 9/11, Bush wasn’t at Arlington. I bet you were so outraged then, too. Come on! George H.W. Bush never went once, and he was also a wartime president. Obama is going to be at a national military cemetary. Arlington is not the only national military cemetary.

    You’re smarter than this lame sh*t.

  29. Dem from OG

    Also, George W. didn’t go in 2007. He sent Mr. Deferment, a.k.a., “I had better things to do” during Vietnam, Dick Cheney. Bush was at his ranch in Texas.

    Come. On.

  30. boredatwork

    Dem from OG, facts are irrelevant, you should know that by now. Just as everything W did was wrong in the eyes of some of my friends, everything Obama does is wrong in the eyes of other friends. Makes for an interesting Christmas (sorry, “Holiday”) drinks party!

  31. Anonymous

    oh look our Marine Corps expert from OG chimes in too.

  32. Anonymous

    “The First Golfer brought his duffer’s game to Martha’s Vineyard this week. By Thursday, Mr. Obama had logged three golf games in four days, appearing at one island course after another. He spent five hours on Monday afternoon playing 18 holes at the Farm Neck Golf Club here, two and a half hours on Tuesday playing nine holes at Mink Meadows Golf Club in Vineyard Haven, and several hours playing Thursday afternoon at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown. .”

  33. Pete

    What’s wrong with Lincoln National? My father a Korean War Vet (twice wounded) is buried there. Is he not good enough? Why is Arlington the only place for a President to pay his respect?

  34. Fly Girl From The Beach

    I go away and what happens – the comment floodgates open. I’m not sure getting posted on Instapundit was a good thing! You know your base – this group seems to have come in through the back door. There are a lot of whackos out there (no, not you Dem from OG!). A little more monitoring might be prudent. Don’t make me get out my Blackberry again. Enjoy the weekend.

  35. Old Coot

    What Dangerous Dan (and others) said. That turd of a man should not be allowed to be anywhere near the graves of those he so obviously disrespects.

  36. Red

    Chris, in my own opinion, when your posters start calling the elected President of the US a “turd”, it’s time for you to start screening the comments.

    • I tend to err on the side of letting almost everything in, but you’re probably right. But as Fly Girl pointed out, a bunch of comments came in from a link – they’ll go away now.

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