We’re in the best of hands

$24,000 Rolex stolen by TSA worker. You think they put a 63-year-old lady through two separate screenings so they could steal her watch? I do.

And then there’s this:

7 out of 8 of all attacks on TSA workers are from other TSA workers. We’ve hired people with real anger-management problems and made them all federal employees, invulnerable to dismissal. Great.

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One response to “We’re in the best of hands

  1. Old School Grump

    I’m with the TSA on this Rolex watch business, it smells suspicious.

    P.S. Folks, a bit of free advice (which you may not need, but …) regarding Rolexes and fake Rolexes: If it says Rolex or Rolex Geneve on the back, it is fake.