What’s up this morning

Two contracts, a couple of sales.

131 Lockwood Road, RVSD

This nice house in Riverside is in contract in under sixty days; asking $1.525.

33 John Street, great land, asked $3.125, Fudrucker nailed it for a builder/client.

41 Will Merry Lane

41 Will Merry last sold for $1.425 in ’07, asked $1.975 in ’09, sold today for an even $1 million. Ow.


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22 responses to “What’s up this morning

  1. out looking in

    Oh yes, and the EURO…back to 1.2385

  2. out looking in

    now i have to go in and buy even MORE euros

  3. Just the Facts!

    You might want to put your investigative team on the Will Merry contract. Tamar uncovered some untoward dealings for this short sale by the seller. Ah, the shady deals of Greenwich RE never seem to amaze me…..

  4. JD

    What do you think of 54 Sinawoy in–gasp!–Cos Cob? Just came on a few days ago…

  5. Cos Cobber

    54 Sinoway has a very fair listing price at 1.150MM. Seems like a winner to me. The Cob is terrific.

    PS – check out the realtor’s jacket:


    • I got in trouble for mentioning Century 21’s polyester jackets so I’ll stay mum on this one. But I agree with you, CC – looks like a nice house, at a good price. But Sinoway’s a busy street and really, “proximity to clubs”? I’m pretty sure Cos Cob residents are barred from all proper clubs, Oglethorpe!

  6. Cos Cobber

    We have our own club, the Greenwich Water Club. I got a chuckle when my backcountry bossman was waitlisted.

    Waitlisted for a large slip that is….but anyhow.

  7. Anon E. Moose

    I’ve got about 75 of them in the top drawer of my dresser, left over from Italy. I think I paid about $1.40 for them…

    You think that’s bad? I’ve got a 50 Deutche Mark note that I can’t do a damn thing with. Bundesbank says I can exchange it at their counter. I spent a day in Bremem two years ago… the window closed at 13:30.

  8. Nathan Hale


    What can you say about a club owned by a single person?

    How about Marx’s line, “If they’d have me I wouldn’t want to join.” No, not that Marx.

  9. Cos Cobber

    Nate, its not a real club everyone knows that. i’m having fun here.

  10. Chief Sachem

    If you think great people belong to Mianus Boat Club, it’s time you considered spending time on the deep side of the river in Cos Cob.

    We Indians will be stilling chica beer and shucking clams all weekend in the woods at John Rudy’s farm. That’s the one Augustus Mead stole from us for some coats with fancy buttons a while back.

  11. Cos Cobber

    Its interesting; all the members of the MRBC I have met are true townies…with 30+ years of residency. There are several on my street, all nice folk.

    • Don’t tell anyone, CC, but some of the nicest people in town live in Cos Cob. I keep trashing the neighborhood so I can keep prices down and I’ll be able to afford to move there later on!

  12. Cos Cobber

    CF, the Cob welcomes you. You’ll need to upgrade your auto however. We are fashionable over here.

  13. Stanwich

    They would never have you, not after all the bad things you’ve said over the years. Like I said before, there is more than one snowplow gunning for you.

  14. Virginia Beach

    Curious – how long after contract is the price available for the rest of us looky-loos to see?