Why we’re all going down, hard

In New York, Patterson can’t even cut $11 million from the budget. Politicians can’t see past November’s elections (it’s probably mean to point out that Patterson can’t see at all) and will not, cannot stop their spending. It’s the same all across our fair land, including here in Connecticut, and I fear we’re all in for a very bad ending, soon.


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8 responses to “Why we’re all going down, hard

  1. Fred2

    We’ve seen this time and time again.

    Our politicians only seem to exhibit imagination in raising taxes.

    The hard decisions they pass on.

    I could balance the NY budget before lunch, but I don’t give a hoot about re-election. Or for that matter am I beholden to unions or wallstreet.

  2. franko

    Chris Christie’s cutting spending in NJ.

  3. There’s bad news in CT too. 61% of the voters don’t care that Blumenthal is a lying sack of merde. They’re going to vote for him anyway. Maybe NY and CT could trade horsethieves, liars and philanderers for a year and see if it makes any difference.


  4. Should mean more houses coming on the market in CT an NY.

  5. john

    Cutting eleven mil from the NY State budget should be, proportionally, like me digging a dollar in quarters out of the couch. These people are simply unbelievable, with this level of leadership I’m afraid we are doomed.



  6. aliprowl

    Doomed, yes. CF, you should start a blog about “where Americans can flee once CT/NY implode”, which is imminent. That is the true real estate play.
    Hunt farther afield, my pet. Some place where pension liabilities do not wander…

  7. cynic 1

    On target Aliprowl …. I closed on a house in Charleston, SC last week … Still keeping my place in Greenwich tho for the time being …. now all Ive got to do is make sure I spend 183 days down there ….

  8. Great blog and great posts! I believe that it is a very scary time in our country and that we could end up in a very difficult place if there is not a direction change in November. I hope that all Americans are spending some time in thought and soul searching about their choices at the ballot box. I do fear that a large number of voters are covered by their fears and concerns regarding their personal and business financial difficulties which could translate into apathy in November. I pray that I am wrong.

    I am a Realtor in the Charleston, SC area which has been hit quite hard like most other metropolitan areas but I intend to focus on this.