Potemkin village for Presidential photo-op

BP bused in temporary workers for Obama’s beach visit and bused them right back out when he left to play golf. Between our government and British Petroleum, we’re being fed a whole bunch of horse shit. Did you know that the “Top Kill” was suspended from 2:20 Thursday night until 3: 30 this afternoon? Not if you relied on government officials, BP executives or the main stream press during the day. The Times did get it right late tonight, but that’s twice in two days we’ve been told that everything was going swimmingly when in fact, it is not.


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2 responses to “Potemkin village for Presidential photo-op

  1. Peg

    I don’t blame Obama for not “plugging the hole” immediately. No president is an all powerful god that can do all.

    He can, however, do the job that he was hired to do. While I do not begrudge the president getting some exercise, frequent 5 hour golf games are a bit much. Do that, if you wish – but please don’t try to be our president at the same time.

    When Obama said that this was beyond his pay grade, I guess more of us should have listened to him.

  2. anonymous2

    Of course Obama is to blame, as is any president after the hoo-hah the liberals made over Katrina. Idiotic or not, that’s the political reality.

    I really must point out that this well probably never would have existed had the radical environmentalists not shut down everything on land.

    So the big O should shut up and take the heat. If he can’t take it, he knows what to do…..