Bummer – Top kill fails

BP to try “other alternatives”.


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10 responses to “Bummer – Top kill fails

  1. Daniel

    I suggested they get the largest hull/shell they could find and sink it upside down on top of the blowout with a valve that could be connected later. This could be done with a crane, airbags and the underwater vehicles they have at the site. Never heard back from BP.

  2. Island Surveyor

    The buoyancy of such a rig would have floated it to the surface rapidly with an upward lift of 1.4 lbs per gallon of crude oil contained, due to the weight difference between oil and water.

    Oil floats on water.

    That’s why you didn’t hear back.

  3. Priapus

    Why doesn’t Pelosi just do what she always does, SUCK.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Haven’t heard boo about the relief well. Turns out two are being drilled, but one of them stopped drilling during top kill efforts. Looks like it will remain stopped because they might steal its BOP to use on the leaker.


  5. Fred2

    I’m sure brighter and more knowledgeable minds than i have noodled this problem, but I can’t wondering if, to buy time, you could capture the oil plume ( conceptually, a big vacuum) and then run the oil/water mess though oil/water separator centrifuges, which even if it only got 90% of the oil: there wouldbe that much washing up on beaches.

  6. Daniel

    I meant something really big, like cruise ship big. Would that not work?

  7. Island Surveyor

    Volume estimates reach to 800,000 gallons per day. (wiki)

    A sunken vessel “weighs” much less under water due to its own buoyancy. The uplift would be over 1 million pounds per day. How are you going to hold that on the bottom?

    When pressure drops upon exit from the earth into the sea, temperature plunges. That was causing the freeze-up of the 30 ft x 30 ft cap tried earlier. It plugged with ice.

    Keeping trying. BP’s doing no better.

  8. Daniel

    It sounds like you know what you are talking about, unlike me.

  9. Island Surveyor

    As Ed Harris in Apollo 13 said, “Work the problem, people.”

  10. Island Surveyor

    Henry Fountain’s writing is a good place to start understanding this strange world only a mile away from the one we know.