Guatemala, meet China!

Giant sinkhole eats entire building in Guatemala City. Wow.


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5 responses to “Guatemala, meet China!

  1. not so anonymous


  2. Fake Walt

    Imagine walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly the earth begins to shake and fold in.

    Imagine that the very ground you stand on is disintegrating beneath your feet, being devoured by a giant hole.

    No…this isn’t some lewd joke about Paris Hilton

    This is some serious sh*t bro

    Off to South Africa…Beat England 6/12

    Kind Regards,

    Fake Walt

  3. Island Surveyor

    In many regions, often near mountains, the original bedrock is limestone, or along the tropical coasts it can be corral, both with a calcium alkaline base.

    Rain is acid, soil is mostly acid, and soil with organic matter is very acid. Drip, drip, away melts the base.

  4. Noel Money

    Now i know what people felt like when they invested with Noel. Money down the drain.

  5. Island Surveyor

    Water will soon be coming out of this hole.
    Guatemala just had an 11-inch rain tropical storm. Similar weather will soon be coming up your creek, and down from Cos Cob all at the same time.

    We will have that discussion with FF at P&Z tonight, re new FEMA regs.

    I just did a flood survey this morning of one of those fine old homes on the old Cos Cob harborfront along Strickland Rd, near the Post Rd.

    FEMA puts base flood at elevation 11. The new regs call for all mechanicals and electricals to be at base flood plus 1 ft (elevation 12 in this area.)

    The selling owner proudly showed me her new energy star oil boiler and new oil tank in the basement at elevation 5.

    Fortunately for the new buyer, the main floor is at elevation 12, so I guess they won’t mind moving all that to a new room off the kitchen.

    Oops, so sorry. FAR and site plan requirements for multi-family rule that out. Well OK. Put it in the kitchen.

    And coming out the sink hole from China will be:
    more water: