Libel suits move to the Internet

Businesses don’t like being maligned, especially when the comments are true. So they’re suing.


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2 responses to “Libel suits move to the Internet

  1. Nathan Hale

    Dear Mr Non-practicing attorney-

    You could help FWIW readership (and yourself) by pointing out that saying:

    XYZ Company is the worst on the planet.


    I think (or my experience with) XYZ Company is the worst on the planet.

    The latter is fully protected. The first is subject to business slander as well as SLAPP litigation.

    Now perhaps you could explain SLAPP as well as the anti-SLAPP movement.

  2. Happy Memorial Day

    TripAdvisor’s whole shtick is having people make comments, many brutal, about the hotels or restaurants they have used. Look at places like LLBean, Lands End, Amazon – they all thrive on customer reviews of items they sell. Granted Amazon doesn’t sell it’s own product line, but the others do. IMO, any well run company would welcome feedback, good or bad, to find ways of improving quality.