Life on Ole’s Creek, Memorial Day

An hour before this shot was taken my neighbors the Beins had launched a flotilla of kids from the dock in the foreground and we must have had fifteen munchkins canoeing and kayaking and having fun. You can’t see him, but there’s a labrador swimming for a tennis ball, too.

Not a bad place to live at all.


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6 responses to “Life on Ole’s Creek, Memorial Day

  1. What a perfect day! It reminds us all of America at its best.

    • Yup, Bill, you’re right. No rockets, no mortars, no suicide bombers hanging around. And we owe it to the veterans and soldiers that we honor today.
      UPDATE: thinking about it, I believe Memorial Day was intended to honor those who died for our country while Veterans Day honors all those who served. But whatever – it’s all merged into soldiers, potato salad and barbecues at the beach – just as long as we remember our debt, I guess it’s all okay.

  2. Accolay

    Definitely America at its best.

    Those two houses are beautiful, by the way. How much would they go for today?

  3. oh, I miss you and the creek….

  4. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I take the Beans, with an Alfalfa Sprout, next to the Fountain!!! What do I win?
    Your Pal,