Not ready for prime time?

A noted law professor looks at the latest effort by our Solicitor General – you know, the lady who’s been nominated to the Supreme Court? – and is not impressed.

What does all this say about Elena Kagan, woman of mystery and Solicitor General until two weeks ago?  Nothing good, I fear.  The brief is at best a hacked-together, please-no-one compromise.  At worst it borders on the unprofessional.


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2 responses to “Not ready for prime time?

  1. Anonymous

    It’s all relative…

    Keep in mind that the intellectual quality of people entering law has been in a steep, steep decline since early ’80s when most smart, young M&A lawyers followed steps of sharp characters like Bruce Wasserstein who had left M&A law for M&A banking in Stone Age of ’70s

    And, for past 10+yrs, M&A banking has been in similar, steep decline as smartest elders either retire or kids flee to HFs for more money and intellectual challenge, facing smartest non-engineers of this generation