Old Greenwich Memorial Day Parade manages without Blumenthal

He was a no-show, although I don’t think anyone in our town would have desecrated the memory of the dead by booing a live politician; plenty of opportunity for that on other days.

But on that subject, was it appropriate for one marcher to solicit support for the rebuilding of the Old Greenwich Civic Center? It’s a worthwhile cause, but I think it dilutes the point of the ceremony, no? I don’t know – as far back as I remember, people have raised money for the Fourth of July fireworks by marching along with the paraders, and I never thought that wrong, but I guess I’m more sensitive now, in this time of war. I don’t question the person’s good intentions and I wouldn’t say that she demeaned the dead, but I’d hate to see the parade degenerate into a long grey line of fund-raisers.


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12 responses to “Old Greenwich Memorial Day Parade manages without Blumenthal

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    “But on that subject, was it appropriate for one marcher to solicit support for the rebuilding of the Old Greenwich Civic Center?”

    No, it was not. That is beyond tacky and demeaning.

  2. peeps

    Off topic a bit, but one thing that bugs me on Memorial Day is people who say, “Happy Memorial Day.”
    Yes I will have a good time. I have a day off. It’s nice out. There are fun things to do. But I never forget why we have the day off and why we have the parades and ceremonies, which some people may or may not attend.
    As for me, I spent the day gardening, because it’s what my own personal WWII vet wanted to do, and I don’t want him digging holes for bushes by himself. It does not mean we don’t respect and appreciate the men and women who died while serving in the military. But how many people who attend parades and ceremonies don’t really get it? How many look at you and say “Happy Veteran’s Day?”

    It’s like saying “Happy Good Friday.”

  3. Helsa Poppin

    So, peeps, should there be a special greeting for sad holidays? “A very Somber Memorial Day to you.”

  4. Anonymous

    since a blumenthal appearance would have had a political message, booing would have been appropriate as a political counter to that message. i was prepared to boo and hiss.

  5. Dem from OG

    You opposed to all politicians marching in the parade, or just ones you don’t like? Our entire Republican delegation to Hartford was there, politicking along the route. (As was Lt. Gov. Fedele, with his totally unnecessary, taxpayer-funded security unit).

  6. local resident

    I for one found it far more tacky that the democratic party chose to politicize the event in some small way by dragging a small donkey / ass with their regalia on down soundbeach ave. At least the civic center guys are trying to achieve a nobler goal within their community than mere political advancement. We should be proud that we live in a community that cares enough about these issues.

  7. Dem from OG

    Local resident,

    Republican political candidates for state representative, state senator and governor were all marching in the parade — in fact, Lt. Gov. Fedele also had his taxpayer-funded security unit trailing him.

    Also, this “mere political advancement” you’re talking about is democracy, which is what the millions of brave and noble soldiers we are memorializing were fighting for.

    You should be proud to live in a country where candidates for office from opposing parties march peacefully in the same parade, flying the same flag.

  8. Riverside Dog Walker


    Off topic, but how did you miss this article about one of our local boys in blue?

  9. happy in riverside

    The Ned Lamont guys who were busy handing out literature had to tough day at the parade too. Not too many Chardonnay Democrats in OG – try mid-country.

    The civic center people WEREN’T asking for money – just signatures. And it’s about time we stood up for ourselves over here on the Eastern Side of Greenwich – check out all the new schools and brand spanking civic center over there in Glenville and Western Greenwich.

  10. local resident

    Im not suprised the Lt. Gov had his security – (which I presume is his right …..) I guess he found out there were a bunch of whacky democrats running wild in OG – who may preach that republicans were abusing the system while they were there to honour the serviceman….It most have been pretty scary for him

  11. Cal

    To happy in riverside –

    While you’re checking out the new civic center and schools on the Western side of town, please be sure to visit the town dump there, as well.