She’s got that right

Allison Kaplan Sommer: “Israel appears to have stepped directly into a trap of a carefully planned suicide mission dressed up in the clothing of a humanitarian effort.”

It seems to me that Israel, increasingly isolated, losing the support of its only real ally, the United States, and faced with the prospect of dealing with Iran and its nuclear weapons program all alone, is being driven to ever harsher “solutions”, which only make matters worse. That doesn’t bode well.


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7 responses to “She’s got that right

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    No country (that I can recall) has ever been successful intervening in the ongoing arguments in the Middle East. We are a 200 year old trying to mediate conflicts that have been raging for 2,000 years. Maybe it’s time to withdraw, and let those countries resolve their own conflicts.

    As for the oil which is a US national interest, perhaps we need to reduce our dependency on it. Driving an SUV or flying to take a Disney vacation isn’t a constitutional right, but protecting our borders is. A little priority perspective is in order, I think.

  2. Anonymous

    Only relevance of Mideast is its oil
    Not sure why US has supported oil-free Israel and angered our sources of oil
    Would terror threat to US go away if we let Israel fend for itself in defending its oil-free sands?
    Much cheaper for US to offer free, legal immigration to a few MM Israelis than to allow the many more millions of illegal Mexicans and al-Qaedas of dubious net economic value who flow freely into US to clean toilets, drive cabs, etc

    • We support Israel because it is our moral duty to support a tiny democracy surrounded by some of the worst people on earth. That said, I have long argued that we should open our borders and bring the entire nation here. Our GDP would soar.

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    Moral Duty? Since when has that been a reason for the govt to consistently do anything? We support Israel because of contributions from Jewish Americans to our elected representatives, which makes them pro-Israel. No different from any of the other special interest groups who give politicians money in exchange for doing what the special interests ask.

    I’m not saying it is right or wrong, nor am I anti-Jewish or Israel, but the facts are the facts. I agree that if we brought all the Israelis to the US, even giving them a state of their own, we would benefit and the world would probably be a calmer place.

    • I agree, DogWalker, that the duty of a nation state is to protect its own interests, but I suggest that supporting and defending fellow democracies is in our self interest. There aren’t many of them left, and I think we need them all.

    • “and the world would probably be a calmer place.” Probably not, but at least they’d all be busy killing each other off, rather than people we care about.

  4. Mr. Independent

    There are too many strategic reasons about why we support Israel to list—just one being that they are our primary source of Arabic speakers for intelligence purposes in the fight against terrorism.

    If Israel was gone tomorrow, the remaining Islamic states would likely be at war with each other in short order. Once Iran has its bomb, the other countries will follow suit. Sooner or later one of those bombs will be in the hands of Hamas, Hezbelloh or Al Queida.