Has obama abandoned Israel?

I warned that he would. I think that’s exactly what he’s doing. 24 hours after the Flotilla incident, where is the President?

UPDATE: especially after we sold out Israel in the UN’s latest no-proliferation conference, that condemns  Israel and remains silent on Iran and North Korea. As I mentioned last week, the more Israel feels itself abandoned and its survival threatened, the more likely that it will take unilateral steps to defend itself. Obama is increasing the danger of war here, not lowering it.


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3 responses to “Has obama abandoned Israel?

  1. Anonymous

    What are the views of the Pritzkers and other Jews who financed the community organizer?

    Suspect most Americans don’t really care about the Mideast as long as oil is cheap and plentiful, increasingly likely in a deflationary world…

  2. Obama cannot abandon Israel for the simple reason that he never supported it in the first place.