Ole’s Creek contract

65 Edgewater, in Old Greenwich and directly across from my house, has gone to contract, probably around $1.9 to $2.1 million. I tried very hard to sell this excellent property to my own clients without success but two weeks ago  a nice guy showed up in our driveway to view it from our side of the creek while, as it happened, both brother Gideon and I were on the deck.

He said he had an agent but I still warned him that he’d landed in a viper’s nest, and then Gideon and I took turns telling him what a great neighborhood the creek was and how smart he’d be to buy here. We worked him over for fifteen, maybe twenty-five minutes and then his agent showed up. I don’t know her – Gideon does, but Gideon knows everyone – but she sure struck me as suspicious, even a little hostile, that we were trying to steal her client. Silly woman, we were being nice to the very pleasant young man and telling him, truthfully, the benefits of the neighborhood. Gid and I aren’t poachers.

Anyway, he seems to have bought, which is great – I look forward to having him and his family as a creek neighbor. I don’t expect flowers from his agent, but I hope that she’ll relax if she ever again encounters me in intercourse with one of her clients – it’s funny, though, that I seem to do better selling property to other agent’s clients than my own.


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6 responses to “Ole’s Creek contract

  1. Anonymous

    “Intercourse” with clients, you say…a full service broker

  2. Island Surveyor

    Speaking of new FEMA regs, I was shocked to find that beautiful neighborhood to your east lying in such a low marsh.

    The house in question has the street at elev 9.9 ft.

    Mortimer La just behind it drops down to elev 4 ft.

    FEMA has you all at base flood 11 feet.

    Should be an interesting August-Sept. Dan Warzoha says the big one is coming. IT IS.


    Click to access FM09001C0514F-Ole-Creek.pdf

  3. It sounds to me like you were doing her a favor! You are doing the right thing to approach this potential neighbor. This person will of course also be a potential seller for you down the road.
    : )

  4. Anonymous

    Jeez the picture you paint- were you guys pickin the banjo and hoolerin up the kin folks ala deliverence??