This seller is getting serious

40 Edgewater

This is nifty, albeit small (2500 sq.ft) house with almost no yard and no room for expansion. The owners paid $785,000 for it in 2003 and then did a beautiful job of renovating it. They relisted it in 2005 for $1.699 and have dropped their price steadily during the ensuing five years. Today it dropped to $1.095. A young couple with perhaps an infant or two could do far worse. Very convenient location on a nice street and a very, very nice house.


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17 responses to “This seller is getting serious

  1. Cos Cobber

    Flood zone status?

  2. Cos Cobber

    From IS just yesterday:

    Click to access FM09001C0514F-Ole-Creek.pdf

    This house sits in Flood Zone AE 11. From what I understand, you wont be able to renovate your basement and possibly, you may have to move your mechanicals upstairs…depending on the exact circumstances.

    I suspect that the inherit bias of this blog will talk about Cos Cob floodzone issues….but as this map illustrates, there as just as many, if not more, houses affected in OG.

    • CC, I have always acknowledged Old Greenwich’s flood problems – why do you think I live in Riverside? But these houses have been around since the 20s and haven’t washed away yet. The new regulations will be onerous – name a regulation that isn’t – but I wouldn’t write off Old Greenwich just because a lot of it gets wet, from time to time.

  3. Cos Cobber

    I agree with you CF. I think the fear of a washout in the zone is overstated….but the regs will be tough and no fun….and more likely to increase in the future. Personally, I wouldnt want to be burdened by the flood zone rules.

  4. Island Surveyor

    Nice the maps have gone viral. FEMA yanked them from their website yesterday, just in time for the Greenwich public hearing with a court reporter present. It must be like health care…pass the law, and then find out what’s in it.

    A distinguished commissioner of zoning asked what I was looking for, “to raise Cos Cob even higher than the regulations?” With time to reflect on an answer, Cos Cob might consider that the City of Rye NY has gone to base flood plus two feet. And no filling in coastal zones.

    Being the Robert Moses type, I see filling as the solution to coastal flooding. Let’s dredge, baby, dredge, and fill fill fill to keep the water away. Coastal flooding is caused by low air pressure, which sucks water in from the ocean. Filling impedes that.

    River flooding falls in elevation as it flows to the sea, and must not be impeded by filling in a floodway. But coastal flooding rises toward the sea, from flood zone AE11 in Cos Cob at the firehouse or in Old Greenwich at the elementary school. The flood levels rise to VE 20 in Belle Haven, with its face to the open sea.

    Cos Cob tidal pond would be a great place to start. Then the harbor and channels all the way up the Mianus to the dam. The only alternative is to dump all that silt into the middle of Long Island Sound off New Haven.

  5. cos cobber

    I think you are wrong cf unless google maps has 40 edgewater misplaced.

  6. Island Surveyor

    Get a 5th grader to download property.dbf from the Town website.

    Look up 40 Edgewater floodzone in Excel.

    Answer AE12 (old FEMA)

    quick conversion……sea level rises 1 ft……

    New zone AE11. (FEMA 2010)

    Yes, it is that easy.

    You too can be a planner.

  7. Fly Girl

    The jaded NY that I am, here’s how I see the Flood Zone mapping: Politics and greasing the palms of insurance lobbyists.

    I Spy Google ads. How does that work? You get paid a penny per click?

  8. So Greenwich

    why do you think this house hasn’t sold (besides the price)? It is a good location and a cute house. This neighborhood usually goes fast.

  9. pulled up in OG

    Yesterday, 2100 sq ft was small.
    Today it’s 2500. Where’s the line these days, 3000?

  10. Fly Girl

    I must of had too much sun or something is wonky with either my computer or WordPress. I saw 16 comments on this thread, then 14; I see Google ads, then not. I see London. I see France. Is it me or is it Memorex?

  11. Island Surveyor

    Okay, maybe not a 5th grader, unless he has these instructions:

    Go to

    Accept license: and fall through to:

    Click Property.ZIP from list to download

    Unzip to release 7 files, including

    Property.dbf which you open with Excel to see the proptery data


    Property.shp which you open with a GIS type of software, including AutoCAD MAp, ArcView, etc. to see the lot geometry in CT – Grid. coordinates.

    Best Greenwich App around. Plan away!

  12. Martha

    I really like the curb appeal on this house. I grew up in a Tudor, and love that style…it’s just too small, I think, and our children (a 5 year old and one newborn) really need a yard…

    BTW, we are flying over to Michigan on the 29th. Then I’ll be out to meet you in late July. Any thoughts on a short term rental for us while we shop?