When has it ever stopped or affected anything?

Bye bye!

UN criticism unlikely to stop drone strikes. Someone remind me  why we pay 70 percent of this useless organization’s budget.


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8 responses to “When has it ever stopped or affected anything?

  1. dogwalker

    Oh, goodness! As I recall, it was never more than 50 percent, and that was long, long ago. But recently it is around 26 percent.

  2. We pay about a quarter of the UN budget


    and the only reason I can come up with to do so is that it pays to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  3. I’d prefer to see the site sold to a developer and the miscreant, deadbeat, scofflaw diplomats sent to Mogadishu in cattle haulers, but that’s just me.

  4. Anonymous

    Because it’s a Manhattan skyline fixture, sort of like the Twin Towers used to be?

    If only all of those useless “diplomats” could be evicted, it would make a spendid SRO building

  5. Old Church Rat

    That quarter is closer to 22%, which means that the US is contributing *far less* than most other countries on a per capita or per GDP basis. E.g. the Swedes are paying 60% more per capita than the people here in the Land of the Free.

  6. Per the Jihadis, the U.N. because is a tool of the American-Israeli conspiracy against Islam.


  7. Fred2

    No, non, the UN should be be moved somewhere, like oh, Lago’s Nigeria, and paid at the prevailing rates.

    We’d never hear from them again, I suspect, and never notice either.