More on Madoff

From reader LL, a nifty write up on the Madoff players (sans Noel, alas, but still fun reading)


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9 responses to “More on Madoff

  1. Inagua

    If Jeffry Picower had been content to skim merely a billion from the Ponzi like the other co-conspirators, instead of the $7 billion he insisted upon, then the Ponzi would still be alive, and Walt would still be a respected citizen.

  2. Noel Was About To Sell Out

    Noel had already merged business FGG with a dumb Swiss bank. If given another year or two, Noel with Chuck Murphy’s help could have passed the whole thing off to some Middle East or Swiss bank.

    Now Noel is a dollar short and a day late.

  3. Inagua

    Even though Walt couldn’t sell out, he still did pretty well — $950 million in fees from Madoff to FGG.

  4. So Greenwich

    Why hasn’t Blumenthal gone after Noel in some capacity?

  5. Walt

    Dude Man –
    You doing an Oscar Wilde impression or what? “sans Noel, alas”? Where did that crap come from, you scribe?
    Inagua – lizard boy – where you been? And what do you mean “would still be a respected citizen”? Monica may be an illegal, and Cabana Boy clearly is, but I am 100% in good standing. And the article is clearly bigoted and implying a massive Jewish conspiracy. I didn’t say it. But hey (HAY!!) I am not Jewish. Told you from the start I was innocent, Scale Boy.
    Your Pal,

  6. Inagua

    The Massachusetts AG did go after Walt, and got Walt to cough up the $6 million that Massachusetts residents lost in FGG. Why other state AGs, particularly NY and CT haven’t done the same is a mystery.

    The shareholders of Walt’s Fairfield Sentry Fund have sued Walt and the boys for the $940 million they paid themselves for “managent services.”

  7. Noel makes even more

    We always think Noel just collected 950 million from Madoff. Think of the income Noel may have earned from just simple CD investments he earns off that take. No wonder he wants to hold on to it.

  8. Observer

    What’s happened w/ the sons-in-laws who worked for FFG? Are they still hanging about or was some other firm dumb enough to hire them? Please share!