No doubt he’ll be applying for work here in Greenwich

Hey Babe, ever seen a grown man naked?

Stamford cop arrested for “flashing” woman during traffic stop by showing her picture of his genitals. (Hat tip, Reader Richard)

STAMFORD — A Stamford cop, who was honored as the city’s “Officer of the Year” four years ago, has been suspended and then arrested after being accused of showing a stopped motorist a picture of his genitals on his cell phone, according to police.

Officer Paul Mabey first had his gun, badge and police identification taken from him on May 28, and was put on paid suspension as of Friday, May 28. Following further investigation, Mabey was then arrested Wednesday for his involvement in the incident,

Mabey’s cell phone was seized by investigators when he came to work last Thursday. Police and court sources confirm investigators found the picture and now have it as evidence.

According to the police report, Mabey pulled over a 26-year-old Norwalk woman for talking on her cell phone.

In her complaint letter to the Stamford Police Department, the woman said the officer showed her the picture of his genitals on his cell phone after she rebuffed his advances, saying he was too old for her.

I guess I’m lucky that I just get tickets for talking on my cellphone.

UPDATE: This pervert’s been acting up for a long time, and his superiors protected him.

Over the weekend, Johnna Paradis, a Stamford resident involved in several neighborhood groups and advocacy organizations, e-mailed The Advocate to describe an encounter she had with Mabey about 10 years ago. She claimed Mabey appeared at her front door on a Saturday night, days after being at her home to take a missing persons report.

Paradis said Mabey made several advances toward her, but she rebuffed him and he left. She said she made several complaints to the former police chief and city officials, but none were investigated.


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10 responses to “No doubt he’ll be applying for work here in Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    Another union parasite with a $200K/yr paycheck and an absurd pension

  2. Red

    Sounds like he believed in really stiff punishment for cell phone violations.

  3. Anonymous

    Mabey was the 66th highest paid Stamford employee in 2009 at $147,126. When you factor in medical and other benefits plus pension accruals, his total compensation is likely above $200,000.

    You can review the list here. There are 5 members of the police department with cash compensation in excess of $200,000.

  4. No hat tip? Had you already seen the story?

  5. SlappedAss

    If this guy didn’t look like Alfred E Neuman from Mad Magazine, would the victim have taken him up on his offer? Lets see if the D-bags at the Union Stand up for this degenerate. They will claim they didn’t know they had a sex offender within their ranks. Its unlikely that the mall security guard job he will now be qualified for will have a union. How will guy explain his past criminal record to a future employer when they run his background. What a moron?

  6. Anonymous

    Suspect lots of rental cops who work as “bodyguards” and drivers in Manhattan or Greenwich have prior criminal hx…and most employers have own legal “issues” and/or irrational cheapness re: pay…and don’t perform background checks on criminal hx/immigration legality of rental cops, drivers, nannies, maids, landscapers, shrinks, etc etc…that’s what makes a market

  7. Slapped Ass

    Jesus Christ, didn’t the guy know his face would be plastered all over the news? Yea, maybe he can find a body guard gig, but if you’re a convict, very hard to get and then maintain a CT Pistol Permit. Without that not much of a bodyguard. This guy doesn’t have the brains he was born with. What a disgrace.