Robin Hood, the movie – I may have to go see it

It seems that all the horrible reviews of Robin Hood stem from liberal reviewers’ distaste for the movie’s theme – old Robin, it seems, is rebelling against taxation rather than pressing a socialist agenda. It’s driving the liberals nuts: as one they deride it as an 11th Century tea party. The horror.


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3 responses to “Robin Hood, the movie – I may have to go see it

  1. Lisa

    I thought it was a fun, adventurous movie…..and a good message, great cast, action, romance, etc. Go see it… cannot always believe the critics (look at the FAN reviews instead).

  2. FF

    I particularly appreciated that all my liberal university history classes were pure twaddle. Why only now did I know that Robin Hood was responsible for the Magna Carta? Or that the French invaded Dover with World War II LST’s and PT boats? Or that chicks make awesome knights