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How Blumenthal lied, yet survived

From the Huffington Post. The real answer is, the Demmerkrats are desperate to hold onto their Senate seat and will forgive anyone, even a lying coward like Blumenthal, anything, so long as he wins.


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This seems right – drunk who killed our librarians gets maximum sentence

The repeat drunk who killed Perrot librarians Kate McClelland, Kathleen Krasniewicz out in Denver has been sentenced to 36 years, the maximum allowed. Earlier stories about this low-life revealed that she was in violation of her probation at the time of the crash, having failed alcohol tests and skipped alcohol education sessions. I have all the sympathy in the world for addicts, but you take responsibility or you take the consequences. In this case, the 41-year-old killer will emerge from prison sometime in her late sixties. She’ll have lost her life, which seems only fair for having taken the lives of McClelland and Krasniewicz.

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What the hell’s gone wrong in Israel?

If you believe this NYT’s accounting of the “Peace Flotilla”  fiasco, and just this once, I do, the Israeli government and military were astonished to discover that there were armed terrorists aboard the ships. They expected to confront a bunch of arm-linked-Quakers singing Kumbaya and were met instead by knife-wielding assailants.

Well what the F? It’s been obvious since 2003, when Turkey refused to let us invade Iraq from their territory, that the country had gone native – gone over to the mad Muslim side – and everything I’ve read about the country since has only confirmed that they have abandoned the west and moved firmly under the Muslim tent.

So how come a schnook like me, a Greenwich friggin’ real estate agent, for Crissake, could see what was coming and the best and the brightest of Israeli minds could not?

This makes no sense.


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Vinyl car roofs

I saw an ancient Chrysler New Yorker today with a vinyl “landau” (rear quarter only) roof and it evoked memories of my parents’ 1967 (68?) Chevy Caprice, which was white with a black vinyl roof. It looked pretty much like the car pictured below:

1968 Chevy Caprice

It came with a huge V8 and with its black and white color scheme, looked kinda like a cop car. So on hot summer nights, I would sneak my father’s old Navy cap out of the house (he’d have killed me if he’d caught me – those who hadn’t served, I’d been sternly instructed, were never to wear even a part of a military uniform) and go cruising I-95 with my friend Chip Mathewson and a red – flashing light.

If we spotted a car full of (fellow) hippies, Chip would duck under the dashboard while holding the flashing light in the windshield and a spotlight out the passenger window while I in my borrowed cap would tailgate the kids and flash my high-beams. Oh the jollity occasioned by the sight of reefers, pills and smoking paraphernalia being tossed out the windows as they slowed to a stop in the breakdown lane! I’d pull up behind them, let them sweat for a few minutes and then take off, to Chip’s and my great amusement.

Such was the life for a couple of bored teenagers back in the summer of 1970. But it was a helluva car.


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Peace Flotilla passengers: “Go back to Auschwitz”

And “Don’t forget 9/11 guys”. Hey Helen, isn’t Auschwitz in Poland?

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There’s no reason you can’t sell your house at a good price in this market

A week ago Thursday I wrote about a new listing at 42 Winthrop Drive in Riverside. Nancy Healy, of Shore & Country had priced it at $2.525 million which I thought, and said, was an excellent price. Today it is reported as “pending”, which means it has an accepted offer and will soon be under full contract. Seven days. The trick? It is in exceptional condition, located on a great street and was priced fairly – not fire sale low, just fairly for today’s market.

It also helps that houses in Riverside and Old Greenwich are still very much in demand and there are very few houses in this price range. If yours is one, and it hasn’t sold, then you aren’t in the same class as this one and should lower your price immediately. You too can then, perhaps, sell your house in a week or, if you prefer, you can cling to your own estimate of value and see what next year brings. Your choice.


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Somehow, this reminds me of the UN’s stance on global warming

WHO exaggerated threat of swine flu – ties to drug makers alleged. Al Gore was unavailable for comment.

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