Don’t tell Kathie Lee! (But do tell Suzie)

Where's that Bich(on)?

A reader sends along this: “just got an email from Greenwich Public schools – ‘Please note that a coyote has been reported roaming the Riverside area near EMS and Riverside School. The Greenwich Police have been notified and Animal Control is investigating the report. Please alert your children and protect your pets.’ ”

So, what's for dinner? Ooh, ooh! Me?

We’ve gone through this tragedy before: Kathie Lee Gifford’s dog, Chardonnay, was killed in the backyard of the family’s [Riverside]  Connecticut home by a coyote. Tuesday’s attack on the actress’s beloved Bishon Frise highlights the Greenwich suburb’s growing coyote problem.

hey, little boy, ever seen a grown coyote naked?

Of course, if our educators really wanted to do something about the problem, they might hire this teacher, who was undoubtedly fired back in 2003 and doubtless still looking for work:

A Middleton, Massachusets, high school teacher has been suspended for skinning a dead coyote in front of his class. Since the animal’s brain was too decomposed to test for rabies two students are being administered rabies vaccine as a precaution.


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7 responses to “Don’t tell Kathie Lee! (But do tell Suzie)

  1. Chimney

    I was wondering if Kathy Lee and Frank were ok- haven’t heard of them being sighted at Valbella or Will’s Rotisserie in several weeks. Could they be having a tiff with Scouzie?

  2. NY Tax Refugee

    Haven’t seen the coyote but we saw a fox cross Owenoke Way on Wednesday AM here in Riverside.

  3. IDAHO

    Wow!! Suspended for skinning a coyote, I may be in big trouble!!

  4. Cobra

    We have a wily coyote in the woods to our north. Now that he’s established residence, we rarely see any of the white tail vermin that plague our landscaping and just about any vegetation we care about around the house. Next season, bring your .270 over and we’ll save our coyote friend a bit of energy.

  5. Riverside Boy

    This is the THIRD dog that has been killed in Riverside in the past month on the Indian Head Road penninsula by a Coyote/Fox. Take extra precautions! I think Greenwich needs to physically remove them from Riverside they do not belong here. There are basically no woods for them to live in! Or food for them. They’re not welcome.

    • No no, Kathie Lee’s dog was killed several years ago. But yeah, it is getting interesting around here – in LA, I understand, no pet is safe, and now we have them here. But they have food (pets, garbage) and woods, albeit small patches, so I guess they’re probably here to stay. As one reader points out, there is a bright-side: they scare the deer away.