From InstaPundit: why there was no looting during the Nashville floods

As the Professor would say, “heh”.


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6 responses to “From InstaPundit: why there was no looting during the Nashville floods

  1. Anonymous

    hey, is that Ole’s creek in the background?

    Marks Road/Riverside Ave., such a nice neighborhood!!

  2. Anonymous

    there’s Cobra with his S&W 29!

  3. Noel included

    Nashville Native Noel “NNN” once went to Vanderbilt where in 1952 the yearbook celebrated the “KKK”!

  4. Anonymous

    not much support for the Nashville floods from the media and entertainment elite…too may conservatives in Nashville.

  5. Cobra

    Actually, in such an environment, I’d go with the Remington 870 Tactical Express for close-in work and the AR for less intimate interactions.

  6. Old School Grump

    As much as I bitch and moan about some aspects of my post-Greenwich life in the mid-south–laughable pizza, laughable “fresh” seafood, way too many Limbaugh-wanna-be radio talk shows–I will say the attitude about guns in this part of the country is really refreshing.

    I lived in Brooklyn during most of the crack epidemic in the 80s, where it was painfully clear that when you outlaw guns, the only effect is that law-abiding people will not own guns. This means that non-law-abiding people will have a real advantage. So, ummm, this is good???

    I grew up in a non-gun east coast suburban household (not anti-gun, just non-gun; the old man was a Marine in the Pacific and had understandably lost interest), so I had no frame of reference for the pleasures or responsibilities of gun ownership and use. Now that I live here I do.

    The guys in the photo clearly had a grand time concocting this “I’m a fierce redneck bad-ass” group pose, but you can be confident that they know what they are doing.